Live It Up Like Kim and Kanye, and We'll Give You a Kardashian Baby Name

Zoe Samuel

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Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West remain one of the hottest celebrity couples out there. They're always on the cover of the gossip magazines, and their combined social media reach is well over a hundred million. When they launch a product, it's always the most popular thing, whether it's an app, a drink, a mascara, or a new special line of private jets.

Thanks to their huge success, they're able to do whatever they like, pretty much whenever they like. Maintaining the brand is expensive, after all, so they have to be seen to be fabulous. That means parties, club events, charitable galas, and the Met Ball.

Still, they do sometimes stay in or hang out someplace private, as they have a family life to maintain, and businesses to run. We don't always see that side of them, but we know it's there. Plus, Kim is known for speaking up about the situation in Armenia, and Kanye is certainly not shy about sharing a political opinion regularly. So they're not just pretty faces: they are entrepreneurs.

Which of these sides of them would you emphasize if you could live it up like Kim and Kanye? The cool or the causes? The parties or the privacy? Tell us, and we'll tell you your Kardashian baby name!

How would you feel about wearing sunglasses at night?

Have you ever taken a naked selfie?

Did you put it online?

How often do you like to party?

Where would you go for a fun weekend?

What event would you like to attend the most?

Which magazine cover would you like to be on?

What's the first item in your bio?

What cause do you care about most?

Which social platform do you like best?

What fabric is your favorite to wear?

What do you think about the haters?

Is it important to be classy?

What new non-clothing product would you like to launch?

How smooth are you?

What body part is the most fun to wear jewelry on?

Do you secretly have a vulnerable side?

Do you value your privacy?

How much time do you like to spend alone?

What do you absolutely need to have with you on your private jet?

What's your signature drink?

On a shopping trip, what store would you absolutely never miss?

A fan asks for a selfie while you're at dinner. What do you do?

What garment is the centerpiece of your new clothing line?

Have you ever regretted something you said in public?

What's the only good reason to interrupt someone's award speech?

Would you ever run for office?

How do you feel about pregnancy?

What genius would you compare yourself to?

What's the best type of underwear?

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