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Decorating your humble abode and don’t know where to start in terms of color and style? Take our quiz and learn some essential decorating principles.

What is the fastest and cheapest way to reinvent the walls of your house?

Painting the walls of your house is the fastest and cheapest way to decorate them. It takes just a few hours from start to finish.


If your home undergoes a lot of wear and tear from kids and pets, what is the best paint to use?

Semi gloss paint on the walls and high gloss paint on trimmings is best for households with children and pets. This will make it easier to clean off the fingerprints and ensure your walls will endure the wear and tear for longer.


What is the advantage of latex (water) based paint over oil based paint?

Oil based paint used to be more durable and longer lasting. Today oil and latex (water) based paints are equal in this area, but latex based paint dries faster, is easier to clean and has less of an odor when fresh than oil base paint.


If I want to make a large room more cozy, what shade of paint should I use?

Dark shades make a room appear smaller, light shades make it appear larger.


The ceilings in my living room are very low. How can I add some height?

Painting the ceiling in a light shade, in a color two shades lighter than the color of the walls, blurs the delineation between the walls and ceiling, giving an illusion of height and space.


Can wallpaper be used in kitchens and bathrooms?

Yes, today modern wallpaper is made to be washed and scrubbed.


What effect does striped and vertically printed wallpaper have on a room?

Wallpaper with stripes and vertical prints gives the illusion of a raised ceiling; horizontal prints make the room appear wider.


How can I make my living room appear Victorian?

Moldings are traditionally placed where the ceiling meets the wall. Adding ornately detailed moldings gives a room a Victorian look.


How can I lay floor tiles to make a room appear larger?

Laying tiles on the diagonal, instead of parallel to the wall, gives a room a larger look.


What type of wood is best to create a country style room?

A hardwood floor made from oak lends a country ambience, maple or cherry is best for a traditional style and beech, birch or ash gives a contemporary look.


What are the benefits of carpet as a floor covering throughout the entire house?

Using carpeting throughout the entire house gives the house an expansive feel and insulates against cold and noise.


What type of carpet is longest lasting?

Carpet that is tightly woven or tufted will last the longest.


Why is granite a better choice for a bathroom than marble?

Granite is a better choice for a bathroom than marble because it is less slippery. All stone flooring, including granite and marble, needs to be sealed, which makes it an expensive material.


What is the most versatile and long lasting flooring?

Ceramic tiles are long lasting and come in rich variety of sizes, colors, patterns and sheens, making them the most versatile.


What is the most inexpensive and hard-wearing flooring?

Linoleum is inexpensive and hard wearing. It is made from all natural materials and is coming back in a big way with younger designers.


What is the most cost efficient way to install new bathroom and kitchen cabinets?

New cabinets take up a huge part of the budget, better to reinvent your old cabinets by painting, trimming or refacing with laminate or wood.


What is the best type of surface to have for a countertop?

A solid surface of granite, marble, laminate, stainless steel or concrete ensures germs don't become trapped and that the sink can be inserted seamlessly.


How can I get the most out of my window dressing?

By combining elements, such as drapes with sheer curtains, you can keep the warmth in or the sun out, according to the season and time of day.


What do professionals warn when buying furniture?

When buying a major piece of furniture, know beforehand where you will place it, so that it will be the correct size.


What is the ideal form for designing a kitchen?

The elements of a kitchen should be placed in the way you work: the work triangle. The points of the triangle are the three major work areas: refrigerator, cooking source, and sink. Draw an imaginary line from one to the other and the total measurement of the triangle's legs should be between 12 and 26 feet.


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