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He's a horror movie legend and the only actor to play the "Big Four." Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the life and work of Lon Chaney Jr.!

What was Lon Chaney Jr.'s birth name?

Before he took the name of his famous father, Chaney went by his birth name, Creighton Tull Chaney.


What year was the future film star born?

Creighton Chaney was born two months premature on Feb. 10, 1906, in Oklahoma City.


What was Lon Chaney Sr.'s nickname?

Creighton had a lot to live up to in the acting world as the son of the Man of a Thousand Faces.


True or false: Lon Chaney Jr. always planned to be a famous actor.

The younger Chaney avoided the spotlight, attending business school before settling into a career with a plumbing company.


What year did Lon Chaney Jr. perform in his first film?

The star performed in his first film in 1932 and finally changed his name in 1935 in an effort to win bigger roles.


What was Lon Chaney Jr.'s first film role?

Chaney's first role was as an uncredited gangster in the 1932 flick "Girl Crazy."


Lon Chaney Jr. had a breakout role as this character in "Of Mice and Men."

Chaney hit the spotlight as Lennie Small in a 1939 film version of the classic Steinbeck novel.


What was Lon Chaney Jr.'s first monster role?

After a 1941 turn as the title character in "The Wolf Man," Chaney was forever typecast in the monster genre.


What was the name of Chaney's first wife?

Chaney married Dorothy Hinckley in 1926, and the couple had two sons.


How long did Chaney's first marriage last?

After 10 years of marriage, Chaney divorced Dorothy and married Patricia Beck, whom he remained with until his death.


What studio did Chaney sign with in 1941?

In 1941, Chaney made the switch from RKO to Universal, where he became a movie-monster legend.


What was the name of Chaney's character in "The Wolf Man"?

In the 1941 horror flick "The Wolf Man," Lon Chaney Jr. plays the tortured Lawrence Talbot, aka the Wolf Man.


Whom is Lawrence Talbot trying to save when he is bitten by a wolf in the film?

While on a date with Gwen, Larry is bitten by a werewolf while trying to save Gwen's friend, Jenny.


Who kills the Wolf Man in the 1941 film?

Chaney's Wolf Man is killed by Sir John, his own father.


What monster did Chaney play after starring as the Wolf Man?

In 1942, Chaney played the monster in "The Ghost of Frankenstein."


What does Victor Frankenstein's son try to replace to make the monster more agreeable in "The Ghost of Frankenstein"?

Frankenstein's son, Ludwig, attempts to make the famous monster less dangerous by giving him a new brain in the 1942 flick.


After his turn as Frankenstein's monster, what creepy role did Chaney tackle next?

After playing Frankenstein's creepy creation, Chaney played Kharis, aka the Mummy, in the 1942 film "The Mummy's Tomb."


What terrifying pair of creatures met up in a Lon Chaney Jr. film in 1943?

Chaney put his Wolf Man costume on once again for the 1943 flick "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man."


True or false: Despite his reputation for movie-monster magic, Chaney never actually played Dracula.

Chaney took his turn as the Count in the 1943 flick "Son of Dracula."


How did Chaney's Dracula fool people into trusting him?

In the 1943 film, Dracula went by Lord Alucard to win the trust of his future victims.


True or false: Chaney co-starred with the Three Stooges in a 1948 film.

Chaney played Lawrence Talbot in the 1948 comedy "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein."


What is the name of Chaney's character in "High Noon"?

Chaney played former town marshal Martin Howe in the 1952 Fred Zinnemann flick.


What year was "Not as a Stranger" released?

Chaney had a small part as Job Marsh opposite star Robert Mitchum in the 1955 drama "Not as a Stranger."


What is the name of Chaney's character in "The Defiant Ones"?

Chaney played Big Sam in the 1958 crime drama.


What creatures did Chaney's character tussle with in a 1959 film, where he played the role of Manon?

Manon wears a hook after losing his hand to an alligator attack in the 1959 film "The Alligator People."


What series did Chaney host in 1959?

Chaney was the spooky host of the 1959 anthology "13 Demon Street," which lasted only one season.


True or false: Lon Chaney Jr. wrote a book about his famous family.

After his time in the spotlight had faded, Chaney drafted a manuscript called "A Century of Chaneys."


True or false: Chaney was largely mute in his later years.

Thanks to throat cancer, Chaney could barely speak in his later years, but he still managed to take on film roles that required little dialogue.


What was the name of Chaney's character in the 1971 monster film "Dracula vs. Frankenstein"?

In his final film role, Chaney played the ax-wielding Groton.


What year did Chaney die?

Chaney died due to heart failure on July 12, 1973, at age 67.


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