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Cheerio! Don't fret if the queen rejected your invitation to tea. You can still find out all about the wonderful attractions of London with this quiz.

Rosetta Stone?

Try translating some Egyptian hieroglyphics at the British Museum.


Geoffrey Chaucer's grave?

Pay tribute to the man who wrote "The Canterbury Tales" at Westminster Abbey.


Big Ben?

Ring it out, Big Ben.


Paddington Station?

Mind the gap when you catch the train at Paddington Station.


St. Paul's Cathedral?

Nice job on St. Paul's Cathedral, Sir Chris!


Oxford Street?

You're apt to spend all your pounds on Oxford Street, the longest shopping street in the world.


Summer Olympics?

When London hosts the 2012 games, it will become the first city to host the Summer Olympics three times.


London Eye?

One spin on the London Eye takes about 30 minutes.


Buckingham Palace?

Wave at the queen when you visit Buckingham Palace, her official London residence.


Piccadilly Circus?

You won't need a flashlight amidst the neon signs at Piccadilly Circus.


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