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The "Lord of the Rings" movies featured some of Earth's most awe-inspiring landscapes. How much to you know about the filming locations?

In which country were the three LOTR movies filmed?

New Zealand is the home of director Peter Jackson.


Roughly how many New Zealand locations were used for the movies?

There were about seven filming crews ready to go at any one time.


Of the various filming locations, about how many took place in a national park or reserve?

It means many more tourists visit these parks, increasing the impact of humans.


Which national park was used for exterior areas of both Isengard and Lothlorien?

This was the country's 10th national park and established more than four decades ago.


Some filming locations were so remote that crews often took what with them?

Just in case something bad happened and help was too far away to respond immediately.


Which New Zealand mountain represents Lonely Mountain?

It is the tallest mountain in New Zealand.


Tongariro National Park was the setting for which ominous fictional place?

Mount Tongariro, in particular, sees a lot of screen time.


How tall is the highest point of Mount Cook?

There are 20 New Zealand peaks that top 10,000 feet


How did Peter Jackson monitor multiple, simultaneous filming locations?

Jackson said he had very little sleep during the years of filming.


Which river is filmed as the river Anduin in the movies?

At more than 100 miles in length, the river is one of New Zealand's longest.


Where was the Battle of the Pelennor Fields filmed?

It's a wide-open plain near snow-capped mountains.


Which park was filmed as the setting for Rivendell?

The park first opened to the public in the early 1980s.


Mount Doom was represented by which New Zealand mountain?

It is a partly active volcano and has a height of 7,500 feet.


How many hobbit holes can you visit on the site of Hobbiton in Matamatas?

But you can't enter any of them, and they are accessible only through guided tours.


Where is Pippin captured by Orcs?

It's there that he drops a brooch as a sign to his friends.


How long is Lake Wapatipu, which serves as the location for Lothlorien?

It is the country's longest lake.


The Pillars of the Kings were blended by computer into which location?

The river was a picturesque spot for the fake (but still jaw-dropping) pillars.


Where were the interior scenes of Bag End filmed?

Bag End was shot inside a studio instead of on location.


Where does Arwen initiate a massive flood that rescues Frodo?

The canyon is just north of Queenstown.


In real life, the area that represents Hobbiton is home mostly to which kind of livestock?

Thousands of sheep roam the privately-owned farm.


Which New Zealand mountains stood in for the Misty Mountains?

Within this range lies Mount Cook, the tallest peak in the country


Where are the beacons of Gondor?

The beacons are meant to send important signals over long distances.


What's the place where Sam and Frodo finally catch Gollum?

This is also where Isildur chops off Sauron's finger.


Which area of New Zealand is used for scenes featuring Isengard?

The Putangirua Pinnacles are one of the most remarkable landscapes in the LOTR movies.


What town is closest to the fictional Hobbiton movie set?

The movie set itself was actually on private land.


In which New Zealand park do the hobbits conceal themselves from the Uruk-hai?

It is part of the South West New Zealand World Heritage Area.


Amon Hen was filmed in which location?

The area is full of lakes, mountains, forest and grassland.


Through which memorable landscape did Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn ride to battle the Army of the Dead?

The forbidding Pinnacles set the mood perfectly for the clash.


What's the real-life place where Gollum guided Sam and Frodo through a dark wetland?

The scene conjours a dark sense of dread.


Mount Sunday is setting for the stronghold of which king?

It's a notably windy location, which is obvious when you watch the films.


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