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Whether it's ideas about romantic love or hot and steamy sex, humans all over the world have been fixated on them for thousands of years. Whether trying to define the right and wrong ways to love, or just trying to survive a bad Tinder date, these ideas and experiences dominate almost all of our lives in many complex ways. While ideas about love and romance vary from culture to culture, and have evolved a lot over the centuries, one thing is for sure: Humans love sex and love!  

These complex topics can be controversial in many ways and mean different things to everyone. For some, sex and love have nothing to do with each other at all, while for others they are deeply intertwined, Love and sex have dominated our minds for eons and have been the subject of most of our best novels, films, plays, music and visual art. They are endlessly captivating, and it is in many of our natures to look for them in some form or another. 

So, how much do you really know about the science and statistics of sex, love and relationships? And do you know how they look to different cultures around the world? Put yourself to the test with this quiz!  

Which country is the most sexually active?

According to 2014 data gathered about the world's most sexually active countries, people in Greece have, on average, more sex in a year than those in any other country. Brazil is second, followed closely by Russia and then Poland.

In the UK, how many people admit to cheating on their partner?

In the UK, about 1/3 of people admitted to being unfaithful to their partner. Statistically, those whose parents divorced or cheated are more likely to also be unfaithful. This was explored by academics from the University of Nevada and Texas Tech University.

Divorce rates are rising in the US: True or false?

One pop statistic that got a lot of press is that half of all marriages end in divorce. This is actually not true. Since the 1990s, divorce rates have fallen and now social scientists think that almost 70% of marriages are lifelong.

What percentage of Americans identify as bisexual?

About 4% of the adult American population identifies as bisexual. It is theorized that sexuality is a spectrum, and as society becomes more and more accepting of LGBT+ people, more people will identify somewhere in the middle of the sexual spectrum.

Which US state had the highest marriage rate in 2017?

In the state of Nevada in 2017, there were 28.6 marriages per 1000 people. This gives Nevada the highest marriage rate of any US state. Hawaii came in second, with 15.3 marriages per 1000 people.

What percentage of people on earth have had one night stands?

Globally, 44% of people admit to having one night stands. However, 2/3 of people from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland admit to having one night stands. Scandinavians are statistically much more open to this than most of the world.

What is the relationship status of most Americans between the ages of 30-49?

Most Americans in this age group are married. At 60%, they have the highest percentage of marriages of any age range. 58% of people 60 and older are married and only a quarter of people between 18-29 are.

Out of 100 American men, how many identify as gay?

Statistically, in the United States of America, 1 out of ever 100 men identifies as gay. About 2.2% of all of the men in the US are gay. This is roughly the same number as American women who identify as lesbians.

How many US college students have had "friends with benefits" relationships?

According to research from Wayne State University and Michigan State University, 2/3 of college students have taken part in friends with benefits style relationships. These arrangements involve friends who have casual sex together.

Are there more married couples in the US now than in 1960?

In 1960, there were about 40 million married couples in the US. As of 2018, there are over 60 million. However, it is important to remember that this is due to an overall growth in population, and that marriage rates have actually declined.

In which Asian country do people statistically get married the latest in life?

In South Korea, people statistically get married for the first time the latest in Asia. On average, men are 32.6 when they marry for the first time. Women, on the other hand, are 30 years old.

Which country currently has the lowest birthrate in history?

As of 2018 data, Japan has experienced the largest natural population decline in history. Since record keeping began in 1899, the fewest babies were born ever in 2018. While Japan had a population of over 120 million in 2018, it is expected to drop to about 88 million by 2065.

How many people in the US are estimated to be in long distance relationships?

It is estimated that there are over 7 million long distance couples, about 14-15 million people, in the United States of America alone. About 3% of US marriages are long distance, a number which appears to be rising over the years.

What percentage of Americans think pornography is immoral?

According to 2018 data, 55% of Americans think that pornography is immoral. 43% think it is morally acceptable. 1% of Americans think that this varies situation by situation and 1% have no opinion.

What is it called when you stop replying to someone you were involved with no explanation?

Ghosting is a millennial dating invention that many younger people hate. It's when you stop responding to someone you have been involved with until they just give up contacting you, so you can end things without direct confrontation.

What is the relationship status of most Americans between 18 to 29?

Most Americans in this age demographic are single. Nearly half of all Americans of these ages are single, at 48%. In contrast, only about a quarter of people over 30 are single in the US.

What was the first year in history that the majority of Americans felt that same-sex relationships were morally acceptable?

2009 was the first year that the majority of Americans were accepting of same-sex relationships. In 2009, 49% of those polled felt these relationships were moral, and 47% did not.

In which country do married people have the most affairs?

46% of married Danish people admit to having an affair. However, as many people around the world who have affairs do not admit them, it is possible that people in Denmark are just more honest about it.

People from which countries are the kinkiest?

English-speakers are more likely to use masks, blindfolds, lube and sex toys than those in other countries. While kink is often associated with places like Germany or Japan, in practice, English speakers are the kinkiest.

Around what percentage of singles find it more attractive if you have an iPhone?

According to data from the site, some singles prefer if their dates have iPhones. While it is not the majority, it is a surprising number. In fact, 29% of singles feel this way.

The most people in which age group are in relationships in the US?

Of all age groups, the most Americans aged 18-29 are in relationships. However, only 25% of them are. The majority of people in this demographic are single, with 48% identifying this way.

What percentage of men always reach orgasm during sex?

According to the National Health and Social Life survey, men often reach orgasm during sex. They reach it 75% of the time. However, only 29% of women report that they always reach orgasm during sexual intercourse.

How many millennials have dated outside their race?

54% of millennials have dated outside their race and 88% are open to doing so. Latinx millennials were the most likely to date outside their race, while white millennials were statistically the least likely to. This data comes from Fusion's Massive Millennial Poll.

Are long distance relationships statistically less successful that in-person relationships?

While many people think that long distance relationships are tricky and often unsuccessful, statistically they are about the same as in-person relationships. Breakup rates over time are about equal, and even less in long distance relationships over a year in length.

Is the sex toy market growing worldwide?

In 2015, the sex toy market was worth about 20 billion USD globally. By 2020, it is expected to be worth about 30 billion USD globally. This industry is definitely growing year after year.

As of 2018, what percentage of Americans think same-sex relationships are morally right?

As of 2018, 67% of Americans think that same-sex relationships are morally right and 30% do not. Over the years, data shows that mainstream American culture becomes more and more accepting of same-sex relationships every year.

What is about the average age of first marriage in the US?

In the United States, the average age of first marriage is 28.2 years. On average, women getting married for the first time are 27.1 years old and men are 29.2 years old. On average, Americans are older than Mexicans but younger than Canadians when they marry.

In which European country are people, on average, the oldest when they marry?

In the Nordic countries, people get married for the first time on average at older ages than they do in the rest of the world. In Sweden, the average man is 36 when he marries for the first time. The average woman is 33.5 years old.

Which country decriminalized homosexual sex in 2018?

On Sept. 5, 2018, India's supreme court scrapped a ban on homosexual sex that had been imposed on the country during Britain's colonial rule. As India is the word's largest democracy, this was a massive global step forward for LGBT rights.

Which country has the most same-sex sexual experiences?

Globally, only 12% of people report having same-sex sexual experiences. In Australia, 22% of people claim to have done so. Keep in mind that due to attitudes about LGBT+ people around the world, many people stay closeted for their own safety, which can skew numbers.

What is it called when someone online engages in romantic or sexual pursuits using a fake persona?

A catfish is someone who uses dishonesty when online dating. It can be used to describe someone who uses fake, heavily altered or incredibly old pictures. Some of these people even create entire fake personas online.

Which country has the lowest average age of first marriage?

The African country of Niger has the lowest average marriage age in the world, at 19.4 years of age. Men tend to be around 23 years of age and women tend to be around 15 years of age.

Which country watched the most porn on Pornhub in 2017?

America is #1 when it comes to watching porn on Pornhub. In second place was the UK, followed by India, Japan, and Canada. Porn for women was the top Pornhub search of 2017, followed by "Rick and Morty."

Which US state had the lowest marriage rate in 2017?

Delaware and New Jersey have the lowest marriage rates of any US state. In both states, 5.5 out of every 1000 people are married. Louisiana, Connecticut, Minnesota and Wisconsin have the second lowest marriage rates in the US, with 5.6 out of every 1000 people being married.

Which country in Africa has the highest average age of first marriage?

The North African country of Morocco has the highest average age of first marriage on the continent, at 32.1 years of age. Men are 34.3 years of age and women are 29.8 on average.

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