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Use a low-water washing machine and you may save up to 40% of your laundry water usage. Learn how new technology has decreased the amount of water necessary to wash a load of laundry. Take this quiz to agitate your knowledge of low-water washing machines.

Approximately, how many loads of laundry does an average U.S. family of four wash each year?

An average U.S. family of four may wash 400 loads of laundry each year.


How many gallons of water does an average U.S. family of four consume each day?

A family of four consumes an estimated 300 gallons of water each day.


What is another name for low-water washing machines?

High-efficiency washing machines are the same as low-water machines.


Compared to a regular machine, how much water may you save with a high-efficiency washing machine?

High-efficiency machines use an average of 40 percent less water than regular machines.


How much water does the high-efficiency machine built by Xeros use?

The Xeros machine is virtually waterless.


In 2011, what water factor rating is required to receive an Energy Star label?

In 2011, the required water factor rating drops to six (the lower the number, the less water used).


What was the water factor rating required to receive an Energy Star label in 2009?

In 2009, the water factor rating required was 7.5.


What high-efficiency washing machines models are available?

High-efficiency models are available as top loading and front loading.


What kind of detergent do high-efficiency machines use?

There are special detergents for high efficiency machines. Look for the HE logo.


What is always true about HE detergents?

HE detergents are always liquid.


How does the cost of high-efficiency washing machines compare to regular machines?

High-efficiency machines are more expensive to buy, but will save you money on your water and energy bill.


What is a possible point of failure for a front-loading washing machine?

The door seal may fail.


How do appliances earn an Energy Star label?

Appliances must meet specific energy-saving criteria.


What is the purpose of the sensors in HE machines?

The sensors are needed to detect how much water is necessary, based on the weight and moisture level of the laundry load.


When using a conventional washing machine, how is the water level determined?

The user chooses the water level based on the size of the load.


How much water may a large conventional washing machine use for one load of laundry?

A large conventional machine may use 50 gallons of water for just one load of laundry.


How does the price of high-efficiency detergents compare to regular washing detergents?

They are comparable.


Where can you purchase high efficiency detergents?

High efficiency detergents are available wherever regular washing detergent is sold.


What is type of washing machine is most eco-friendly?

An Energy Star high-efficiency machine is most eco-friendly.


What type of powder detergent will work best in a high-efficiency machine?

A powder detergent will not work well in a high-efficiency machine.


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