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If you like to clown and dump your ride, you may prefer lowering your vehicle and showing off its hydraulics. If you like it locked up, you may lean toward lifting it high. Aside from the lowrider slang, what else is there to know about lowered and lifted cars?

Which of the following are tweaked for use as spacers and blocks?

Some car and truck enthusiasts report saving money by rigging hard plastic objects like hockey pucks, wood piece and skate wheels, though they are prone to wear, breakage and safety issues.


Drivers in snowy climates can do which of these modifications?

Any of the modifications could improve driving in snow. Lifting decreases the amount of packed snow in the wheel wells and protects the undercarriage from ice damage, lowering can improve handling in some vehicles, and installing hydraulics makes it possible to raise the car for changing terrain and snow drifts.


Camber problems affect the following:

An arch, or camber, issue can cause wheels to turn inward or outward from top or bottom, leading to an uneven ride, pulling to one side during driving and uneven tire wear as contact with the road surface is weighted to a tire's edge. Adjusting the camber angle after lifting or lowering a car can correct these problems.


The expression "it's riding on rails" refers to which of these qualities?

When a vehicle feels like it's "riding on rails," it's handling so well it feels like it's floating -- akin to a fast, smooth train riding on well-greased tracks.


A solenoid might be found where?

Solenoids are coils that use force to valve open or valve stop a mechanical or electrical motion. They can force power a starter, automate doors and trunks, and serve to regulate air force flow in hydraulic systems.


Lifting or lowering a car or truck should always involve doing this:

There isn't really an "always" in modifying vehicle heights. Tire size will depend on the make, model and ratio of change for the best and safest ride.


Does lowering a vehicle lift your profile with law enforcement officers?

Back-end lifted cars and low-riding mini-trucks, among other types, are sometimes associated with street racing and gangs, but this varies by region and can be a form of unlawful profiling. Obeying road and car design rules is advisable, but taking pride in a "modified" is well within the law.


When is lifting a drag?

When the aerodynamics of a car change, the air flow can act as a stop or a push. If more air circulates through the bottom of a car or is forced up against more of the underside of a car -- as with a front-end lift -- drag increases and gas mileage and speed can decrease. Lowering can reduce drag.


Which of the following is NOT a popular car to lower?

While lowered Impalas and Monte Carlos are not hard to find in the United States, the Yugo is rarely in the same company. However, lowered and lifted Yugos have enthusiasts in the former Yugoslavia, where they were made until 2008.


Using heat to shorten suspension springs has the following effect:

Heating springs actually weaken the properties of the metal, making the spring rate inconsistent, which can cause the coil to break.


Where might you hear someone yell "nice airbags"?

While it is nice that safety airbags inflate on impact, they aren't likely to get shout-outs. Airbag hydraulic setups used for raising and lowering trick cars and lowriders, however, might inspire compliments from admirers at a car show.


Adding big tires is an easy way to lift a car or truck.

It may seem like an easy conversion from low to high, but taller tires also have added girth and can rub against wheel wells or throw off the suspension. Going bigger involves looking at the make, model and complementary options.


How many batteries does it take to power an adjustable hydraulic lifting system?

Some super-performance show cars can have a trunk full of batteries for powering the hydraulics, while lower-tech cars and trucks are powered by just a few.


What does it mean to level a car?

Leveling a car with a kit or fitted parts helps to balance the weight bearing so that it evens out from front to back.


Traditional lowriders are often detailed with which of the following?

Bright paint jobs, religious images and reclining girls decorate the hoods of many lowriders, though customizing without these elements also adds touches of personal style and culture.


Is it OK to lift and lower a vehicle with hydraulics while driving?

A big advantage to adjustable hydraulics is that you can adjust while on the road -- either to impress at a stoplight or to suit road conditions. However, some hydraulic customizations are best operated from outside the empty car, depending on the drama of the lift and drop.


What does a torsion bar do?

Torsion bars twist and flex, acting as springs that receive and regulate vertical force.


What can you expect from online car forums?

Social networking has brought great resources to car enthusiasts who can now connect with more fans of classic models, have space for sharing photos of pet projects, and offer and receive advice from failed experiments and modifications. Searching by make and model or with a specific question leads to virtual mechanics and more than a few eccentrics 24-7.


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