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Armed with the power of his mind and a blazing lightsaber, he fought relentlessly against the Galactic Empire and the dark side of the force. How much do you know about Luke Skywalker?

What was the color of Luke's very first lightsaber?

He lost that one after Darth Vader chopped off Luke's hand.


How does Luke obtain his first lightsaber?

The saber becomes Luke's most prominent weapon in his struggle against the Empire.


Luke was raised in a family that farmed what resource?

In a dry land, the moisture was essential to survival.


Why do Luke's aunt and uncle take responsibility for raising Luke?

His mother died when he was young and his father was corrupted by evil.


Who is Luke Skywalker's father?

Anakin, of course, is the twisted character better known as Darth Vader.


Luke visits an abandoned Jedi Temple on which world?

He winds up on the planet after purposely crashing his starfighter into Darth Vader's ship.


In the earliest movie scripts, Luke wasn't a farm boy. What was he?

Instead, he became a farm boy who had problems with authority.


Which major battle was the first large-scale conflict for Luke?

Princess Leia has the inside information that guides the battle plan.


How do Luke's aunt and uncle die?

Their deaths motivate Luke to take up arms against the Empire.


Why were the stormtroopers near the home of Luke's aunt and uncle in the first place?

R2-D2 was in possession of information about the Rebels, and the stormtroopers wanted it.


Which actor auditioned for the role of Luke Skywalker?

Katt, of course, became known as another hero…"The Greatest American Hero" TV series.


How did Luke's mother perish?

Her death left Luke without a suitable parent, so he wound up with his aunt and uncle.


On which planet does Luke meet Yoda, who guides him in the ways of the Jedi?

The swampy planet is an ominous and terrifying place for the young Jedi, who must somehow emerge from darkness into the light.


What happens to Ben Solo, a young Jedi trained by Luke?

Solo, of course, becomes Kylo Ren, a sinister figure who totes a red lightsaber.


How did Mark Hamill suffer facial injuries during his time shooting "A New Hope?"

He was hospitalized for a time, requiring a double to do some of his scenes for him.


How does Luke learn the bulk of his Jedi skills?

Yoda and Obi-Wan both offer critical direction, but Luke is forced to explore the Jedi ways largely on his own.


Why does Jabba sentence Luke to execution?

Luke slays the Rancor, which happens to be Jabba's beloved pet.


Which character helps to rescue Luke just before he is consumed in the Sarlacc Pit?

R2 tosses a lightsaber to Luke, allowing him to free himself and fight off Jabba's henchmen.


When Luke refuses to turn to the dark side, Vader threatens what?

Luke's calm turns to rage when he realizes Vader would threaten Leia.


Why did creators change Luke's original last name?

"Starkiller" is not only violent, it's pretty dumb too, making Skywalker a much better choice.


About how long does Luke spend on Dagobah, learning from Yoda?

The timeline is never made clear, but Yoda's guidance is clearly indispensable.


What relation is Princess Leia to Luke?

Fortunately, Leia didn't know that when she grabbed him and kissed him on the mouth.


What is Luke's mother's name?

Padma is originally from the world of Naboo; her children both become central figures in the Rebel Alliance.


How does Luke obtain the lightsaber that he uses in "Return of the Jedi?"

Not only is he an amazing Jedi warrior, he can build his own high-tech weapons.


What kind of ship did Luke use to attack and destroy the Death Star?

The X-shaped starfighter's maneuverability and power worked well in the tight confines of the Death Star's internal passageways.


Why was the Battle of Endor critical to Luke's attack on the Death Star?

Until the shields were destroyed, the Death Star was impervious to starfighter attacks.


What is the name of the Jedi training organization led by Luke Skywalker?

When Luke begins the program, it is the first time in many years that Jedis have received real training.


What horrifying fact does Yoda reveal to Luke?

Were it not for Yoda's insistence, Luke may never have believed that Darth Vader was his father.


How does the Emperor nearly kill Luke?

The crackling blue lightning causes Luke immense suffering, but at the last second he is rescued.


Which character saves Luke's from dying at the hands of the Galactic Emperor?

In the last moment of his life, Vader turns from the dark side and saves his son.


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