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The MacBook Pro is Apple's high-end notebook computer and a favorite among Mac enthusiasts. Think you're a pro at the MacBook Pro? Find out with our quiz.

What was the biggest difference between the MacBook Pro and its predecessor, the PowerBook G4?

The MacBook Pro was the first Intel-based Mac, a huge change for Apple.


Which of these is different in a MacBook versus in a MacBook Pro?

While the MacBook is far from slow, the MacBook Pro offers twice the storage and is much faster for hard-core computing (like editing video) than the MacBook.


Which of these MacBook Pro upgrades costs less than $900 on a 17 inch MacBook Pro?

While upgrading to the largest available hard drive will cost you $1100 and the external Thunderbolt monitor will put you $900 in the hole, you can add a high-resolution display to the existing screen for just 50 bucks.


What is Apple's equivalent of Microsoft Office called?

Apple's iWork lets you create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the Mac that are all compatible with Microsoft Office. Of course, there is also a version of Microsoft Office software for Mac.


Which of these isn't part of the MacBook Pro's software package?

While iLife used to only come as a trial on new Macs, it's now included for free. While Skype doesn't cost to download, it's not part of the software included when you buy a new MacBook Pro.


Which of these processors can you get in a new 15-inch MacBook Pro?

Intel's newest processor doubles the power of the old Dual-Core, and the Quad-Core comes standard on the 15-inch MacBook Pro. It's like four CPUs all on a single chip!


What is the battery life on the MacBook Pro?

The new MacBook Pros boast a 7 hour battery life. Of course, usage can have a big impact on battery life, so this can vary if you're running bigger programs.


The MacBook Pro uses quite a few magnets in its design. Which of these isn't magnetic?

Apple uses magnets to replace some moving parts that are prone to breaking in the laptop's closure and to attach the MagSafe Power Cord, but cables plug into the USB ports just like on any other laptop.


What does the MagSafe Power Cord do?

Instead of plugging the power cord into your MacBook Pro, it attaches via a magnetic connection. If you've ever tripped over your power cord, knocking your laptop onto the floor, you can understand why the MagSafe was a great innovation.


Which operating system comes with new MacBook Pros?

Lion, which just came out in 2011, is the operating system for all new MacBook Pros.


When did Apple first announce the MacBook Pro?

Steve Jobs announced the MacBook Pro at MacWorld, Apple's annual conference, in January 2006.


Which of these is not free third-party software for the MacBook Pro?

NeoOffice is a free suite of software similar to Microsoft Office, and Thunderbird is a free email program from the makers of Firefox. Quicken for Mac, though, costs around $50.


The MacBook pro was Apple's first Intel-based notebook, but not their first Intel-based computer. Which Mac bears that distinction?

While Steve Jobs announced both the MacBook Pro and the iMac at MacWorld in 2006, the iMac got first billing.


What machine did Apple replace with the MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Pro replaced the PowerBook G4. Apple carried both the MacBook and MacBook Pro until 2011, when the MacBook Air replaced the MacBook.


If you're bargain-hunting, what's the base price for the least expensive new MacBook Pro?

The 13 inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,199, if you don't add any upgrades. If you get the 17 inch MacBook pro with all the bells and whistles, it can cost over $5,000.


Which of these accessories is included with the new MacBook Pros?

Previous MacBook Pros came with an iSight camera, but the newer models include an HD camera built right into the machine. The pinhole-sized lens is right above the monitor.


What is the MacBook Pro's body made from?

Unlike the first MacBooks and the PowerBook, the MacBook Pro was the first Mac laptop to use a aluminum body. They call it the "Unibody Enclosure," because the whole thing is cut from a single piece of aluminum.


MacBook Pro's FaceTime HD app lets you use FaceTime to have HD video chats on your Mac, but there are some limitations. Which device can't FaceTime with your MacBook Pro?

Only the iPad 2 can FaceTime chat with your MacBook Pro. As on the iPhone, both users also need to be on a WiFi or internet connection.


What does the Time Machine software do?

You have to purchase the hard drive separately, but once you have the hardware Time Machine makes it easy to back up your MacBook Pro's data.


True or False: New MacBook Pros don't come with a FireWire port for transferring data.

While late-model MacBooks did away with the FireWire port, the MacBook Pro still has FireWire800, which transfers 800 Mb of data per second.


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