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"MacGyver" gave the classic action hero an everyman feel, relying on clever engineering and everyday objects to stop the bad guys and save the day. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the show, its characters and most memorable moments.

What year did "MacGyver" premiere on television?

"MacGyver" first hit the airwaves on Sept. 22, 1985, and entertained audiences with its on-the-fly engineering until 1992.


How many seasons did the show last?

"MacGyver" ran for 139 episodes over seven seasons.


Who played the leading role in "MacGyver"?

Anderson, who previously starred in "Emerald Point N.A.S." and "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," had the starring role on "MacGyver."


What is MacGyver's weapon of choice?

MacGyver tended to eschew guns in favor of his trusty Swiss army knife, which served as both weapon and tool.


True or false: MacGyver never used a gun throughout the series.

While MacGyver was against the use of firearms, he did use a gun several times throughout the series, including in the pilot episode.


Who is MacGyver's closest friend?

Schemer Jack Dalton is MacGyver's best friend throughout the series.


How can you tell when Jack is stretching the truth?

Jack has a habit of stretching the truth, which one can easily discern because of the way his eye twitches when he lies.


What is the name of MacGyver's boss?

Dana Elcar guest starred as Pete Thornton, MacGyver's friend and boss.


Which of these organizations did NOT employ MacGyver?

MacGyver worked for both the Phoenix Foundation and the Department of External Services, with Pete Thornton serving as his boss at both organizations.


Where does MacGyver meet Penny Parker?

MacGyver makes the acquaintance of Penny Parker for the first time at the airport, where she tries to smuggle jewels in his pockets.


Who played Penny Parker on the show?

Before she was a Desperate Housewife, Teri Hatcher was Penny Parker, a young girl who dreamed of a career in show biz.


Who is MacGyver's greatest foe?

Master assassin Murdoc, famous for photographing his victims as they die, is MacGyver's greatest foe throughout the series.


Who played the role of Murdoc on "MacGyver"?

Murdoc, played by Des Barres, works for the Homicide International Trust.


What family of bounty hunters acts a thorn in MacGyver's side throughout the series?

The Coltons, with Cuba Gooding Jr. as Billy Colton, pop up throughout the series to cause trouble for MacGyver.


Who lives next door to MacGyver?

Wilt Bozer, played by Robin Mossley, is MacGyver's neighbor.


How many Emmy awards did "MacGyver" win?

Despite being nominated four times, the classic series never won a single Emmy.


What "Happy Days" actor was an executive producer on "MacGyver"?

Winkler, who played Fonzie on "Happy Days," was an executive producer on "MacGyver." He also guest starred in a season six episode.


True or false: The show relied on a real-life MacGyver to produce scientific guidance for the writers.

California Institute of Technology gemologist John Koivula acted as a technical consultant for the show.


What was MacGyver's first name?

In the final season, viewers learn that MacGyver's first name is Angus. In the early days of the shows, producers originally planned to name him Stacey but later changed their minds.


What did producers spend $40,000 to craft in a realistic special effect?

Producers spent $40,000 to craft a realistic rhino that would be destroyed in the show. The scene was so real that viewers complained about animal cruelty.


Where did MacGyver live?

The houseboat where MacGyver lived throughout the show was sold on Craigslist for $40,000 in 2014.


What year did The WB attempt to relaunch the series as "Young MacGyver"?

When "Young MacGyver" hit the air in 2003, it lasted just one episode before it was canceled and the idea was shelved.


How many TV movies were made after the series ended?

Two MacGyver movies, including "MacGyver: Lost Treasure of Atlantis" and "MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday," aired in 1994.


What did MacGyver use to stop a bomb in the pilot episode?

MacGyver diffused a ticking bomb using only a paper clip in the pilot episode of the series.


True or false: MacGyver avoided guns because of a tragic childhood incident.

In the season four episode "Blood Brothers," viewers learn that MacGyver preferred to avoid guns because of a tragic gun-related incident from his childhood.


What is the name of the musical that Murdoc created for Penny Parker to star in?

In one of his most complex plots, Murdoc develops the musical "Cleo Rocks" to lure in Penny Parker in an attempt to snare MacGyver.


What network announced a "MacGyver" reboot in 2015?

CBS announced a "MacGyver" reboot in 2015, to premiere in 2016.


True or false: Henry Winkler is named as an executive producer on the "MacGyver" reboot.

Just like in the original series, Henry Winkler will act as an executive producer on the reboot, with R. Scott Gemmill of "NCIS" as another executive producer on the new series.


What actor won the role of MacGyver in the 2016 reboot?

Till was selected to play MacGyver in the reboot, with Joshua Boone playing his best friend Gunner.


True or false: There was a "MacGyver" movie in the works in 2012 that never made it to theaters.

Director James Wan skipped the "MacGyver" movie in favor of "Furious 7," which effectively ended the idea of a "MacGyver" movie.


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