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Do you know how to capture an image of a buzzing bee, a flower's stamen or the tiniest details on electronic devices? Pit your photography knowledge against a quiz all about close-up shooting.

True or false: Close-up shots in films are usually referred to as macro shots.

False. While the term "macro" is used in many close-up situations, it normally refers to a highly magnified photograph, not a moving image.


What is the most important piece of equipment for macro photography?

A macro lens, naturally! Without one, it's difficult to take true, high quality macro photographs.


Which of these pieces of camera gear is the cheapest way to get into macro photography?

Macro lenses can cost hundreds of dollars. While extension tubes are much cheaper, macro or close-up filters can be had for less than $20.


Which of these macro elements attaches to the front of a wide-angle or telephoto lens?

A macro filter, or close-up filter, attaches to the very front of a lens and provide some magnification for macro shots.


True or false: Extension tubes contain glass that magnifies the subject of a photograph to create a macro shot.

False. Extension tubes are hollow! They merely increase the distance between the lens and image sensor, which increases magnification.


Some extension tubes contain electrical contacts for what purpose?

Since extension tubes sit between the camera and lens, they interrupt the electrical signal used to control functionality like autofocus. Contacts bridge that connection.


True or false: The greater the distance between a camera's image sensor and the lens' optical element, the greater the magnification.

True. Adding multiple extension tubes will increase magnification, though the focal length of the lens also plays a part.


Is depth of field extremely shallow or deep in macro photography?

Depth of field is extremely shallow in macro photography because the camera is focusing on a subject so close to the lens.


Which of these is a common subject for macro photography?

Flowers are commonly shot with macro lenses to capture the intricate details that are hard to see with the naked eye.


A strict definition of macro photography calls for what degree of image magnification?

One strict definition of macro photography calls for the subject to appear on the camera's image sensor at a 1:1 ratio or greater.


This piece of camera gear is a smart buy for up-close macro shooting.

When you're placing the camera mere inches away from the subject, stability is key!


Depth of field can sometimes be mere ___ in macro photography.

Millimeters! The shallowness of depth of field in macro photography can make it challenging to keep a subject entirely in focus.


What advantages does a 180 mm macro lens offer over a 50 mm macro lens?

Longer macro lenses offer higher minimum focusing distances, which makes them easier to use when photographing skittish subjects like insects or animals.


As in all photography, this basic element of shooting is integral to capturing an excellent macro shot.

Smartly composing a shot makes all the difference! Finding the perfect angle and lighting impacts a shot as much as the macro lens, but in the end, frame composition is key across all types of photography.


When photographing macro subjects like insects that are constantly in motion, this camera setting is extremely important.

Setting a fast shutter speed will make it much easier to catch an in-focus shot of a speedy subject.


Aside from nature, this realm of photography often makes use of sharp macro close-ups.

Product photographers often use macro lenses or filters to shoot close-ups on the latest intricate gadgets.


This composition technique comes in handy in all types of photography, not just macro.

The rule of thirds dictates where the subject is framed in a shot. Instead of placing the subject in the dead center of the shot, the rule of thirds uses an imaginary grid to guide photographers (and other srtists) to position the subject off-center for more interesting composition.


What camera company calls its macro lenses "micro" lenses?

Nikon differs from the pack and calls its macro lenses micros. Confusing! Just remember that a macro lens magnifies the subject, much like a microscope.


Canon sells a macro lens that can magnify up to an amazing 5 times. How much does it cost?

As of early 2012, Canon's 65 mm macro lens retails for $1049!


This icon sometimes denotes a "macro mode" on point-and-click cameras.

Point-and-clicks normally use a flower to denote macro mode. This mode helps the camera take close-up images.


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