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Because the island Madagascar broke off from the African continent millions of years ago, all kinds of oddball plants and animals call Madagascar -- and only Madagascar -- home. How much do you know about this weird little world?

Madagascar is home to the world's largest and smallest varieties of what animal?

There are about 150 species of chameleon, half of which are native to Madagascar. The cat-size Parson's chameleon is the largest, and the stump-tailed chameleon can be less than an inch long.


Madagascar became a colony of what country in 1897?

France invaded the island in 1883 and eventually colonized it. Madagascar regained independence in 1960.


What time of year is not a good time to visit Madagascar?

You'll probably want to avoid Madagascar during rainy season, from January to March. April, October and November are usually the best months to visit.


What's the mountainous region of Madagascar called?

The central highlands are known as the Hauts Plateaux.


In the village of Soatanana, everyone wears what color?

The villagers are part of a Christian sect called Spiritual Revivial. They all wear white as a sign of purity.


What percentage of the animals on Madagascar live there and nowhere else?

A full 90 percent of the animals on Madagascar are unique to the island.


Madagascar produces some of the world's highest-quality _____ beans.

Madagascar is the world's largest producer and exporter of vanilla.


More than 70 species of this animal live only on Madagascar.

Lemurs originally lived on mainland Africa and somehow made it to Madagascar. Predators eventually killed off the mainland lemurs, but they're still going strong on Madagascar.


The largest bird on Earth lived in Madagascar. What was it called?

Elephant birds have been extinct since about the 17th century. They're believed to have been more than 10 feet (3 meters) tall and weighed around 880 pounds (400 kilograms).


What's the official language of Madagascar?

Malagasy is the official language and also the name of the native people of Madagascar.


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