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Prolific writer Jim Butcher has already released fifteen books in the series, as of 2017, and number sixteen is already in the works. How much do you know about the "Dresden Files" series and its grizzled hero, Harry Dresden?

What is Harry Dresden's profession?

Dresden is a good-hearted but rough n' gruff kinda guy, and the role of P.I. suits him perfectly.

What makes Dresden's approach to the job unique?

Dresden is Chicago's only professional wizard; in fact, he's the only wizard private investigator in the phone book, as he says.

What is Dresden's full name?

His full name is quite the mouthful, but that's to be expected when you're named after so many famous magicians - Harry Houdini, Harry Blackstone and David Copperfield.

How is Harry's relationship with his parents?

His mother, a magic practitioner, appears to have died from a curse, and his father, a stage magician, had an aneurysm at a young age. Once Dresden's own powers manifested, he was taken in by a fellow wizard.

Who is Karrin Murphy?

Murphy has a testy working relationship with Dresden, as she's a strong female and he's a self-admitted chauvinist.

Who does Dresden often ask for advice?

Compared to Bob the Skull, Dresden looks like a saint. Bob the Skull, a spirit that lives in an old skull, loves dirty romance and strip clubs, but Dresden keeps him around for his knowledge of magic.

What allows Dresden to see and vividly remember certain events?

As a wizard, Dresden is able to remember in perfect detail whatever he witnesses with his power of Sight (not to be confused with normal vision). Sight is used for supernatural vision - such as seeing the dead, or illustrating emotional and spiritual pain.

The second book in the series, "Fool Moon," heavily features what type of creature?

As suggested by the title, "Fool Moon" is predominantly a werewolf case. Butcher introduces the hero to a multitude of wolf-human combinations throughout the story.

In "Fool Moon," what is a lycanthrope?

Dresden finds himself on the wrong side of a gang of lycanthropes, the Streetwolves, who love to look for trouble during his many adventures in "Fool Moon."

Who are the Alphas?

The Alphas, led by true shapeshifter Tera West, use magic to transform into powerful wolves. Dresden finds them during his investigation of full-moon murders in "Fool Moon."

Where do fairies live?

Nevernever, also sometimes known as the Faerie, is home to many magical creatures and realms, including some version of Heaven and Hell. While it touches our world in some places, much of NeverNever is distinct from human realms.

How is the fiery Leanansidhe connected to Dresden?

Unfortunately for Dresden, Leanansidhe isn't the most stable person, and she loves making deals. A recurring plot point involves Dresden finding a way to get out of the pacts he forged with Leanansidhe.

Michael Carpenter, one of Dresden's allies, is powerful for what reason?

As a Knight of the Cross, Michael is a sworn protector of the weak and innocent, so he uses his abilities for good. His favorite weapon is Amoracchius, a sword with one of the nails from the cross of Jesus.

Dresden has an on/off love affair with which character?

His relationship with Susan is great until she's partially turned into a vampire. Her new powers come with a need to feed, and she cuts off their relationship by disappearing into the night.

What shocking revelation does Susan make to Dresden in "Changes"?

She tells him that she gave Maggie up for adoption, knowing that it was the best way to protect her from the Red Court. Unfortunately, some of the vampires found Maggie anyway, and the girl needs to be rescued - quickly.

Which of the following colors isn't used as the name of a court?

The vampires hold four main courts: White, Red, Black, and Jade. Jade is the most mysterious of all, while Red is frequently featured in the books, due to Dresden's innate ability to get on their bad side.

How is Thomas Raith, a White Court vampire, connected to Dresden?

Dresden's mother, Margaret LeFay, had a relationship with Lord Raith before fleeing and falling for Dresden's father. Their relationship explains why a vampire would have been as helpful as Thomas was to Dresden.

How does Dresden get out of his deals with Leanansidhe?

In a classic case of "out of the frying pan, into the fire," Dresden's pacts are held by Mab, who has Dresden complete various tasks for the repayment of his debts.

Who is Ebenezar McCoy?

McCoy is an interesting mover of plot in Dresden's world and initially acts as a protector to Dresden, albeit often indirectly. Once he learns about Maggie, he invests time in getting to know her as well.

Which appointment does Dresden turn down?

Dresden could have paid all his debts to Mab by becoming her protector and champion as the Winter Knight, but Dresden refuses. He would rather complete the individual tasks as she needs than to give the rest of his life in her service.

What is the purpose of the Red Court's "Kiss" power?

The "Kiss" of a Red Court vampire calms and placates their victims just like a sedative. Dresden is almost overcome by Susan's Kiss, even though she's only a half-vampire.

During his adventures, Dresden accidentally kicks off a war between whom?

In killing the treacherous vampire Bianca during a Red Court party, Dresden breaks the rules of an uneasy peace between the wizards and vampires. The war makes him excessively unpopular with both sides.

Dresden is always seen sporting a leather duster. Who gives him a nice leather duster early in the series?

Susan gives him the duster he wears until it's taken by a thief in Death Masks. His black duster is extra special - he uses spells to give it some protective power.

What are the Denarians named after?

The Denarians, deadly fallen angels who garner power through their dealings with humans, are the villains of "Death Masks." When defeated, a Denarian will manifest as a single piece of silver coin.

The sixth book in the series takes place where?

Never one to shy away from sexual content, Butcher has Dresden investigating a case on the set of a porn film after one or more of the participants seems to be cursed.

What does Dresden name his magical puppy?

Mouse is a talented puppy who came from a long line of Tibetan guard dogs. As the series progresses, he evidences cool abilities like rousing people from enchanted slumber.

"Dead Beat" begins with Mavra threatening harm to Murphy if Dresden doesn't do what?

Through a frightening conversation with Bob the Skull, Dresden learns that Kemmler was a seriously bad wizard, responsible for WWI. He's not keen on finding Kemmler's book, but he feels like he doesn't have a choice if he wants to protect Murphy.

What is the hilarious reason that Thomas Raith can't hold down a job?

Thomas tries to integrate with normal human society, but fails largely due to his innate ability to attract women. It doesn't help that, as a vampire, he's never had to work a "normal" job before.

In "Dead Beat," who does Dresden make a deal with to get even more power?

After Dresden picks up a Denarian coin to save Michael's child from touching it, a connection is forged between Lasciel and Dresden. In a moment of need he accepts her power, but now must fight to keep control over his own body and mind.

Dresden's student, Molly, is the daughter of which character?

Molly Carpenter is the rebellious teenage daughter of Michael and Charity Carpenter, good friends of Dresden. She's great at casting illusions and veils, but lacks the power Dresden has in battle.

What is the Doom of Damocles?

Dresden and his ward, Molly, have both had the Doom of Damocles placed on them in their youth. It's an annoyance, but is greatly preferable to execution.

Thomas Raith burns with true love for which character?

Thomas falls hopelessly in love with a mortal girl, but because he is a vampire, he is burned by anyone for whom he holds "true love" in his heart. Their relationship is complex and difficult, but Butcher is quoted as saying they're happy together behind the scenes.

What organization appears to be behind many of the events mid-series?

The Black Council, with its practitioners of black magic and necromancy, appears to orchestrate terrible events and Dresden suspects them as the root cause of the vampire-wizard war. Yet not all is as it seems, as many of these threads of the plot lead to Nemesis.

Why does Susan die?

In the complex plot of "Changes," Susan is sacrificed on an alter by Dresden himself so that his daughter, Maggie, will live and so that the Red Court's spell will backfire, killing all of the Red Court vampires.

Does Dresden ever decide to be the Winter Knight?

Dresden is the Winter Knight in several books so far, and grows to understand the importance of the Winter Court in defending the world from the Outsiders and their weapon, Nemesis.

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