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Magic was the first collectible card game, a concept that changed the gaming industry. Whether you're a white, blue, black, red or green mage, test your spellcasting skills with this Magic: the Gathering quiz.

If you want to cast a lot of creatures with Haste and deal damage directly to your opponent, which color should you play?

Haste and direct damage are characteristics of red, a color associated with fire and recklessness.

Who is the creator of Magic: the Gathering?

Richard Garfield designed Magic while he was a grad student at the University of Pennsylvania.

How can you tell the difference between the original "Alpha" printing of Magic's first set and the "Beta" reprint of that set?

A change in the die used to cut the cards resulted in Beta cards (and all subsequent Magic cards) having less round corners than Alpha cards.

The keyword that causes a creature to kill any other creature it damages, no matter the amount of damage, is called…

Deathtouch is often used to indicate a creature that spreads disease or has vampiric powers.

A creature with protection from white can be killed by a white card that says, "Destroy all creatures."

Protection from a color prevents damage from sources of that color and prevents the creature from being targeted by sources of that color. The white "destroy all creatures" card neither targets nor deals damage, so it would kill the protected creature.

Magic was first released in what year?

Both the Alpha and Beta printings were released in 1993.

Currently, artifact cards have a gray background. What color did artifacts used to be?

Artifacts were brown until Magic cards received an updated graphic design for the card face in 2003.

The highest level of Magic: the Gathering competition is the…

Top Magic players compete on the Pro Tour for tens of thousands of dollars in prizes.

Which tournament legal Magic card has the highest combined casting cost?

Draco costs 16 mana, more than any other Magic card (we're not counting Gleemax even though it costs 1,000,000 mana since it was never tournament legal).

What set of five artifacts that cost zero mana to play are among the most valuable cards ever printed?

The Moxes, artifacts that produce mana and cost nothing to play, can be worth thousands of dollars in good condition.

The original Magic rules required players to take what unusual step before beginning the game?

Some cards even interacted with the "ante" rule that forced players to put a random card on the line for every match they played.

The "Lorwyn" set was the first time an entirely new type of card was added to Magic. What was it?

Planeswalkers, representing characters who can travel between planes just like the players do, have become some of the most powerful cards in Magic.

The keyword Hexproof replaced an older keyword that restricted targeting. What was it?

Creatures with Shroud couldn’t be targeted by anything, but it was replaced by Hexproof, which only prevents targeting by your opponents.

If you're playing an elf deck, what color are you most likely to be playing?

While there are some black elves, the overwhelming majority of elf cards in Magic are green.

An epic four-year storyline told through several Magic expansions involved a plane-hopping airship called…

The Skyship Weatherlight was used to defend Dominaria from the Phyrexians.

Magic's gothic horror themed plane is called…

Innistrad is full of vampires, werewolves and zombies.

When a spell or effect is played, it goes on the [blank], where it waits to resolve until all players have a chance to add other spells or effects.

Effects on the stack resolve in the opposite order that they were played; last in, first out.

Which Magic set was the first to include cards with multiple colors in their casting costs?

"Legends" was Magic's third expansion set. It introduced multi-colored cards and legendary creatures.

How do creatures with Doublestrike deal their damage?

Doublestrike creatures deal damage during the first strike and regular damage steps.

What Magic card is commonly known as "Tim," after a wizard from the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail?"

Prodigal Sorcerer's ability to deal one point of damage to anything is reminiscent of the explosive Monty Python wizard. "There are some who call me…Tim."

What is the maximum number of a single card, other than basic lands, that can be included in a tournament legal Magic deck?

Magic deck construction rules limit you to four of a given card in the deck.

What color are lands?

Lands have no color unless some other effect in the game causes them to gain a color.

The rarity levels of Magic cards are common, uncommon, rare and…

The mythic rare rarity level was introduced in the "Shards of Alara" expansion.

The first Magic set included a cycle of cards that let players gain three of something for one mana. One of these cards was vastly more powerful than the others, allowing the player to draw three cards. What is the name of that card?

Ancestral Recall's "draw 3 cards" ability gives players a huge advantage.

The "Ravnica" expansion established that Magic's two-colored pairings were called guilds. What is the name of the blue/black guild?

The Dimir guild is focused on stealth and espionage.

Wizards of the Coast maintains a list of cards they will never reprint. What is the list called?

The reserved list was created in 1996 to assure collectors some of their cards would never drop in value due to reprinting.

The "Khans of Tarkir" block of sets focused on what creature type?

"Khans" featured more dragons than any previous Magic set.

Which card lets you counter an opponent's spell even if you have no mana untapped, by paying one life and discarding another blue card?

Force of Will was underestimated when it was first released, but has since come to be recognized as one of the most powerful counterspells in Magic.

If a creature has Shadow, what are the only creatures it can block or be blocked by?

Shadow creatures are only able to block or be blocked by each other.

A popular casual Magic format known as Commander (or Elder Dragon Highlander) uses 100-card decks. What is each player's starting life total in a game of Commander?

Starting at 40 life lets Commander games move more slowly, allowing players to develop different strategies.

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