Quiz: Do you know how to maintain and repair your minor kitchen equipment?

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Many kitchens are full of items that require minor maintenance and repair. Take our quiz to see whether you know how to keep your kitchen equipment in tiptop shape.

A whetstone usually has which two types of sides?

Whetstones are used to sharpen knives; they typically have a coarse side to sharpen a dull blade and a fine side to hone the blade.


What should you coat the whetstone with before using it?

A whetstone must be coated in a soft lubricant such as linseed or mineral oil or your knives might get damaged.


What is the proper angle for the bevel of a blade?

Most kitchen knives are beveled. This incline from the edge to the main body of a blade allows a strong, thick knife to have a sharp, thin blade. The recommended angle is 30 degrees.


Which way should you sharpen your kitchen knives?

Using a back and forth motion with a whetstone will damage the blade of your knife. Always push a knife diagonally along the stone and away from yourself.


When sharpening a knife, how should you attend to the two sides of the blade?

By alternating sides as you sharpen a knife, the burrs that result from one stroke will be removed by the next stroke.


What should you use to remove the debris that develops on a knife?

As you sharpen your knife, debris will develop from the metal being scraped off the blade and mixing with the oil. Use a soft cloth to clean the knife because the whetstone is the only coarse thing that should come it contact with the blade.


How should you sharpen scissors?

Unless the blade is very dull, you only need to use the fine side of a whetstone to sharpen scissors.


What is the best way to deal with dull pinking shears?

Sharpening the jagged edges of pinking shears requires special training. You're better off letting a professional handle this task.


If your scissors are too loose, what should you do?

The blades of scissors should touch slightly when they are opened and closed. If they do not, you should adjust the pivot screw.


How should you tighten scissors that are held together by a rivet?

Sometimes scissors are held together by a rivet rather than a screw. You can tap lightly on the rivet with a hammer to tighten them.


What are the two components of epoxy glue?

To make epoxy glue you have to combine two things: a resin and a catalyst (or hardener).


Which of the following is a reason for using epoxy to repair china?

By using epoxy glue, which dries into a waterproof solid, you can not only repair the appearance of your china, you can continue to use it!


What should you use to apply epoxy to broken pieces?

When using epoxy glue, you need only apply a thin coat over one of the pieces you're binding together. Toothpicks work very well.


About how long does it take for epoxy to cure?

Curing is not the same as drying. Curing is a slow chemical reaction that eventually turns liquid epoxy into a solid. For an epoxy bond to cure, it needs a week or so.


Which of the following should you use to support the unbroken portion of a mug?

Before attempting to bind a broken piece onto the main part of a mug, you should make sure the mug is well supported. A piece of molding clay works well.


What can you use to make a paraffin mold of a badly shattered plate?

One method of repairing a badly shattered plate is to make a paraffin mold from an identical plate.


When you're making your own brass, silver and copper cleaner, where should you go to buy oxalic acid?

Hardware stores are often licensed to store and sell hazardous materials not found in other stores. Oxalic acid is one such material.


Rather than throwing away old towels, what can you make out of them?

Old towels make great pot holders. A few layers and some sewing save yourself a bit of money!


What size should you make the pot holders?

Pot holders need to be large enough to protect your hands but not so large that they are unwieldy. Eight inches (20.3 centimeters) is the recommended size.


What can you use to make the pattern of a round pot holder?

Rather than attempting to cut a perfect circle without guidance, try drawing the border around a dinner plate.


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