Make a Country Playlist and We'll Give You a Stripper Name!

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

When you hit the stage and start twirling around the pole, you should have a name as dynamic as you are. Once you put together your ideal country playlist, we'll know exactly what that stripper name should be. From Blake Shelton to Johnny Cash, your possibilities are endless. Make it a playlist to remember, and we'll handle the rest. 

Country music sure has come a long way over the years. From Dolly Parton's timeless classics to Miranda Lambert's fiery new anthems, there's something about country music for everyone to love. As you build your playlist, you will reveal more and more about yourself. Once we feel like we have enough information to assign you a stripper name accurately, we'll let you know what it is. 

Whether you prefer the classics or you are all about the new releases, your country music playlist will let us know what kind of performers you love. It will also tell us what kind of performer you will be. After all, you don't want to be called Susan the Sloth if you're more like a Veronica Vixen. 

Now's your chance to live it up country style! Build the playlist of your dreams, and we'll give you the stripper name you deserve!

Which classic country artist will start off your playlist?

Which Carrie Underwood song would you add to your playlist?

Which George Jones song gets a spin?

Which Blake Shelton song would you put in the middle?

Would you add any Dolly Parton?

Which Faith Hill song gets a slot?

What Garth Brooks song would you include?

Which song by Brooks & Dunn would make your list?

Which Sugarland song would you strip to?

Which Loretta Lynn song would you include?

Which Luke Bryan song can you sing along with?

Which of Taylor Swift's country songs would make your playlist?

Which Alabama song gives you the feels?

Which Randy Travis song would you add?

Which Miranda Lambert song makes the cut?

Which Lorrie Morgan song gets played on your list?

Which Florida Georgia Line song would you add in the middle?

Which Kenny Chesney song do you like most?

Which Willie Nelson song gets a turn?

Which Kenny Rogers song gets to be on your list?

Which song by The Judds would you add to your list?

Which Chris Stapleton song would you include on your list?

Which of Lonestar's songs would make your playlist?

Which of Jason Aldean's songs will you put on your playlist?

Which Lady Antebellum song would you add near the end?

Which Chris Janson song do you like most?

Which Lee Ann Womack song do you enjoy most?

Which Cole Swindell song do you enjoy most?

Which Patsy Cline song do you enjoy most?

Which George Strait song makes you want to get down?

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