Make a Cracker Barrel Order and We'll Guess Where You Live

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If you've ever been to Cracker Barrel, then you've had the chance to delight in the big porches, bigger rocking chairs and the gift shop that awaits you just inside with every trinket you could ever want and definitely don't need. But being in the Southern fantasy world of Cracker Barrel isn't about what you need, it's about indulging in all of the foods that they make look so delicious on the commercials and forgetting about your diet for the day. While they do serve vegetables, you are under no obligation to order them.

Since their menu is so big, everyone can get something they like. Even if straight fried chicken isn't your thing, you'll find something else. Southern food can be very heavy, and if you aren't from the South, it can seem a little aggressive. But the good news is that their menu covers a lot of bases, knowing that not everyone who goes to a Cracker Barrel is going to want something incredibly heavy. Those decisions that you make, while maybe not meaning anything, can also shed light on where you live! Don't believe us? Build a Cracker Barrel order and we will indeed guess where you live!

Since the Cracker Barrel serves all the meals you could possible need, let's start with breakfast. How do you take your eggs?

Of the Traditional Favorites, which plate are you enjoying?

If you had to, can you pick just one breakfast meat to accompany your eggs?

Will you go with toast or a biscuit?

If you went with biscuit, would you get sausage gravy on top?

Add some pancakes to your plate! Which variety makes your mouth water?

If you're in the mood for something lighter, what are you ordering?

Which beverage will wash down all these carbs?

Are you getting anything extra on the side for your breakfast of champions?

What sweet breakfast item would you want to finish the meal with?

It's lunch time! Which sandwich are you craving?

What do you want on the side?

Can you pick one thing from the Specialty menu?

Sometimes all you need is a salad. Which one do you want?

Weekday lunch specials are a great way to eat on a budget. Which one tickles your fancy?

Eating seasonally is a great way to get the best flavors. Which Cracker Barrel seasonal menu item do you want the most?

They've got the beef! Which beef entree has lunch written all over it?

Maybe you would rather chicken. Which chicken entree could you see yourself really enjoying?

Are you getting dessert after lunch?

If you could, which item would you take home for dinner?

Ring the dinner bell! What are you ordering up for the kids?

And what are you in the mood for?

You're getting thirsty! Let's fix that. Which drink wets your whistle?

How would you jazz up a classic burger?

If you're feeling full from your day and just want something small, what are you going with?

If you were to order breakfast for dinner, what would you order?

Are you leaving room for dessert?

Before you leave, are you grabbing anything from the gift shop?

Do you have any dietary restrictions to let the kitchen know about?

After this huge meal, what was the most memorable?

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