Make a Cracker Barrel Order and We'll Guess Which State You Live In

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There's something to be said for the power of Southern charm. The fact that "Southern charm" is a saying at all kind of speaks to that. Things are different down south, and the food is definitely a standout. Cracker Barrel gets that, which is why they've made a name for themselves as a Southern country restaurant that offers up delicious food, even if it's not always the healthiest thing in the world. But hey, if you want healthy, you could stay home and nibble on some kale, right?  

Despite the country theme, Cracker Barrel actually has locations in almost every state. Good food knows no bounds and will not be restrained by state lines. With people enjoying it all over the country, it could arguably be kind of hard to guess where any given Cracker Barrel fan calls home; hard, but not impossible! If you take the time to pick your favorites from the Cracker Barrel menu, we'll do the nearly impossible by analyzing your responses and determining exactly what state you call home. Do you think we can figure it out based on your love of down-home favorites? There's only one way for you to know for sure, and that's to take the quiz and see!

Which of these traditional breakfast favorites strikes your fancy?

If you're a fan of the sweet breakfast, what sounds best?

If you want a quick, simple meal that fills you for breakfast, what might you order?

Let's skip to the end of the meal. Which dessert sounds best to you?

If you wanted a salad, which one would you pick?

If you're feeling the urge to have some seafood, which entree are you going to order?

If you like to have some pork now and then, which one of these would be the tastiest to you?

What is your favorite chicken dish?

You can never go wrong when you order some beef, right? What sounds best to you?

You have a wide variety of sides you can choose from at Cracker Barrel. What veggie side do you want the most?

Your side doesn't need to be a healthy vegetable if you don't want it to be. Which heavier side dish would you pick?

If you feel like starting your meal with a hot bowl of soup, there are a number of kinds to choose from. What's going to warm you up?

You can always get some kind of sandwich for your meal if that's what floats your boat. Which one will it be?

You can get a salad on the side of any meal, but you need to dress it correctly. What dressing do you pick?

Is a meal even a meal without some kind of bread? Which one would you pick?

You could have a regular coffee with your meal, or maybe you could fancy it up with a latte. Which one sounds best?

You can never go wrong with fresh-baked pies. Which one would you pick?

Cracker Barrel serves up limited-time holiday meals. What part of the holiday menu sounds best?

If you're thirsty, there's no need to settle for something boring. Which one of these will slake that thirst?

There's a stunning amount of gravy on the Cracker Barrel menu. Which kind do you want?

If you're a potato fan, Cracker Barrel is like a second home. Which one is the best potato dish?

Oddly enough, apples pop up in many places on a Cracker Barrel menu. How would you like your apples?

If you're a bean fan, then Cracker Barrel is the place for you. Which beans would you pick?

Everything tastes better when it has "country" in the name. What's your country favorite?

The word "steak" just kind of makes your mouth water, doesn't it? Which steak dish is best?

Which turkey item is the best one?

They say frying isn't really healthy but man, does it taste good. What fried dish sounds best?

There are specials at Cracker Barrel every day. Which one would make you show up?

Some Cracker Barrel items are regional only. What might you cross state lines to try?

Who are you most likely to go to Cracker Barrel with?

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