Make a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess Which American Accent You Have

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About This Quiz

Taco Bell is a notable fast food chain that offers a variety of Mexican-style food. Favorites includes burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos and even Power Menu bowls. Fans also love to make their meal into a combo with side items like Pintos N Cheese, seasoned rice, black beans and black beans with rice. You may also choose between drinks like coffee, soda, iced tea and sweet "freeze" drinks. Taco Bell offers a variety of spicy menu items as well, like the spicy potato soft taco and the spicy tostada. Some fans also love to add some Fire or Diablo sauce to their meal for some extra flavor.

Your Taco Bell order can show us some of your personality traits as well. Maybe you like to stick with traditional menu items, or maybe you're not afraid of trying something new. This can give us insight into how adventurous a person you may be. You may also be someone who likes sweet menu items, like desserts, as opposed to spicy or tangy flavors. Certain American regions are also known for spicy, sweet and tangy food flavors. Can you see what we're getting at here? No matter what you order at Taco Bell, this food-filled quiz will tell us what kind of American accent you have!

Which of the following are you currently hungry for?

You only have $1 to spend on the value menu at Taco Bell? Which item are you going to order?

Your friends want you to bring a Taco Bell party pack to an event. Which of these are you most likely going to order?

You've decided to go meatless for your next Taco Bell order. Which of these vegetarian menu items are you going for?

The best kind of taco has lots of ______ on it.

Can you eat an entire order of Nacho Fries BellGrande by yourself?

How are you going to order Taco Bell?

What's the best part about the Chalupa Cravings Box?

What kind of dip do you want with a side of chips?

Quench your thirst with one of these Taco Bell drinks!

What time of day do you normally crave Taco Bell?

No Taco Bell order is complete without a side of ...

Which of these Taco Bell desserts will satisfy your sweet tooth?

What is the best kind of protein for a quesadilla?

Are you going to make it a combo?

What is the most filling burrito at Taco Bell?

You can't live without which of these Taco Bell grillers?

Is the Quesarito an abomination or a blessing in disguise?

What is the best kind of taco shell at Taco Bell?

Which of these Doritos Locos shells do you tend to dream about?

Traditional versus Specialty menu items: Which one reigns supreme?

How do you feel about the Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell?

An early morning breakfast calls for which of these Taco Bell favorites?

The best way to add flavor to a Taco Bell Power Bowl is with which of these sauces?

Which of these Taco Bell sauces do you like to add to your taco?

Do you prefer Power Menu Bowls or Power Menu Burritos?

Which of these Taco Bell "boxes" are you most likely going to order?

How often do you eat out at Taco Bell?

Can you handle spicy Taco Bell menu items?

What's your favorite type of "freeze" drink at Taco Bell?

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