Make a Taco Bell Order and We'll Guess Which American State You Should Move To

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If there is one thing we can all agree on across this great land of ours, it's that Taco Bell is an American tradition, something that's as American as apple pie — except for the fact that you get your apple pie at McDonald's, but you get the point. But the thing is, as much as Taco Bell is beloved throughout the U.S., people from different areas tend to order different things when they go to the fast food giant. So, obviously, before you think of moving anywhere new, you should figure this out.

But what does that mean? If you are into Mexican pizza, are you more likely to want to live in New York or California? If you want some Gorditas, does that mean you'd rather live in Texas or New Hampshire? Or what if you just have a craving for some tacos? Do you think that means you would fit in better in Oregon or South Dakota? And what if you are totally into the famous Breakfast Crunchwrap? Don't even get us started on what that tells us about where you should move to. 

Or, if you want to get us started, take this quiz and let us tell you what your Taco Bell order tells us about your perfect state to live in.

Are you interested in the Fresco Lite low-calorie taco?

Do you have a regular order or do you change it up?

What soda will you get?

How about throwing in a "chocadilla"?

How many churros do you want?

Regular sour cream or reduced fat?

Volcano nachos or nachos supreme?

Taco Bell restaurants often have calories counts on the menus, so you'll know the answer here: How many calories are you about to eat?

Do you prefer beef or chicken?

How many layers should a burrito have?

Where will you eat your Taco Bell?

Taco Bell does fries. What say you?

Are you ordering for yourself or for other people too?

What time do you put in your order?

Extra cheese: yay or nay?

Do you want some guacamole on your main course?

What salsa will you get?

Do you intend to lick the packaging when you are done?

Will you recycle your packaging?

Are you interested in something called a "Double Decker" taco?

How spicy do you like it?

If you absolutely had to pick one: quesadilla or fajita?

How big is your coffee?

What else is for dessert?

Will you actually eat everything you ordered?

How many tacos is the right number?

Will you add any extra condiments?

Besides salsa, what side will you get?

Soft or crunchy?

Did you order at the drive-in, online, in person, or by phone?

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