Make a Weird Online Dating Profile and We'll Guess If You've Found Love

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There are many apps and websites out there that people use for online dating. If you use online dating, you have definitely swiped or scrolled through a profile or two here and there and thought "yikes!" While some people really know how to sell themselves online, other people are using blurry out of focus pictures and have profiles full of more emojis than words. If you are a citizen of Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, or any other dating site or app, you have probably seen quite a few things you wish you hadn't. 

Whether its all the profiles that read like the grocery list of someone shopping for a spouse, or that one person in every city who sets up their online dating account using only pictures of pizza, things can get messy and strange when it comes to online dating. Have you ever swiped right on the person who has a food or fictional character profile out of curiosity? 

So, now it's your turn! Set up the weirdest online dating profile you can, and we will try to guess what your relationship status is. Get as weird as you possibly can and put us to the test! Maybe we will be able to guess some important truths about your current situation! 

What would you put as your age?

Which weird job would you choose for your profile?

If you had to include a meme from which of these popular shows in your pictures, which would you choose?

Which food would you include a picture of?

How many cats are you telling people you have?

In how many of your pictures are you going to be by yourself?

Which of these would you be more likely to include in your profile?

Would you tell people that you are an "alpha" in your profile?

You're into anime. How present is that in your profile?

Which of these obnoxious profile mistakes are you ready to lean fully into?

You like to travel a lot. Is having your profile be nothing except flag emojis of all of the places you have been a good idea?

You are looking to find a serious relationship online. How do you convey this?

Pick a phrase you think would freak people out the most to spice things up:

How political are you going to get on your profile?

Some people claim to be using their online dating profiles for things other than dating. Which of these would you include?

On your profile, you tell people not to message you if:

Which of these weird hobbies would you include?

Of these odd first dates, which would you choose?

If you had to say that you were the most like an odd animal, which would you pick?

Which conspiracy theory would you put on your profile?

You follow a strict diet and it is critical that your partner follow it, but which one?

There is no such thing as oversharing. What would you put on your profile?

Are you going to hide your face in every picture you put up?

Everyone has insecurities, but will you announce yours on your profile?

Which fictional property are you going to talk about in your profile instead of telling anyone anything about yourself?

Which astrological signs are you going to tell not to bother you?

What are you going to tell people you are looking for on your profile?

You have one picture from a past Halloween up. What's your costume?

What skill would you demand anyone who messages you have?

You want to make it clear that you don't like using online dating and want people to contact you elsewhere, even though you have a profile up. How would you tell them to reach you?

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