Make an '80s Playlist and We'll Guess Which Truck You Own!

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You love your truck. You love '80s music! Let's put them together and see if we can figure out what kind of truck you own based solely on an '80s playlist you make yourself! We'll guide you down the musical highway, but it's up to you to choose the songs you like the most! By the time you've finished, we'll know what you park in your garage! 

The 1980s were a magical decade for music: innovative new instruments and artists were coming out in droves. With everything from rock 'n' roll to new wave, the '80s offered up some of the catchiest and most memorable songs ever recorded! By telling us what sort of '80s songs you would have blaring out of your speakers at any given time, we'll learn a lot about your tastes for things other than music, like trucks! It might sound like an impossible feat, but music always gives away more about the listener than it does about the artist!

From Devo to Bon Jovi, the way the playlist ends up sounding is up to you. Once you've built a playlist worthy of a road trip, we'll guess the kind of truck you own! Ready to rock?

Which Bon Jovi song would make your list?

Which band would get more than one song on your playlist?

Which Michael Jackson song would you add?

Which one-hit wonder would you put your list?

What kind of '80s music would get the most playtime?

Would you add any Cyndi Lauper to your playlist?

Which Guns 'n' Roses song might make your playlist?

Which Prince song would you add?

Which Poison song makes you want to rock?

Which Madonna song would you put on your list?

Do you prefer Boy George or George Michael?

Which '80s country song would you put on your list?

Which Depeche Mode song is most likely to make your list?

Which Motley Crue song makes you want to party?

Which Van Halen song is a playlist must have?

Which '80s dance song would you add?

Which '80s hip-hop song has the best groove?

Which '80s Metallica song would go on your playlist?

Which '80s song would never make your playlist?

Which '80s pop song would be towards the end of your list?

Which INXS song would make your list?

Which British '80s band would have a spot on your playlist?

Which R.E.M. song would you think about adding?

Which '80s love song would get a slot?

Which '80s boy band might be on your playlist?

Which Phil Collins song would you consider for your playlist?

Which U2 song might make it on a playlist?

Which Def Leppard song do you like most?

Which of The Go-Go's songs would you add?

Which '80s prom song would you add?

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