Make an '80s Playlist and We'll Guess Which City You Should Live In

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A musical playlist says more about the listener than the artists. Music expresses what cannot be said or shown in another medium. Music touches the listener because the songwriter and singer have done the emotional work for the listener. Songs can take years to compose, and they reflect the hard-won experiences of the musician, the years, sometimes decades of time spent honing their craft, and the innate talents of the musician.

Music connects us to times and places in your lives, memories of long-lost loves, and friends who have passed on. We remember our childhoods by their music, our adolescences by their music, and our young adulthoods by their music. We remember time by bands that got together and broke up, solo artists who shone and fizzled out, and top ten hits.

Likewise, choosing a city to live in says more about the person than the city. Cities are a product of history, commerce, and culture. Each city has its feel, its local culture, and its favored industries. To live in a place means to be a part of its history. Culture vultures may favor New York, while outdoor enthusiasts may prefer Denver. If you want to work in the movie business though, you are likely to have to live in Los Angeles.

Thanks to our advanced analytics software, we can parse out where you should live based on your musical choices. Are you ready to move?

Which song of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is the world to you?

Which Madonna track has you touched for the very first time?

Which David Bowie track has you trembling like a flower?

Which Guns 'n' Roses song is your paradise city?

Which Duran Duran song has you hungry like the wolf?

Which George Michael track is everything you want?

Which U2 song is what you're looking for?

Which Depeche Mode song is your strange love?

Which Culture Club track is your war song?

Which Aerosmith song is your love in an elevator?

Which AC/DC song shakes you all night long?

Which Metallica song has you fighting fire with fire?

Which song by Queen is the champion?

Which Eurythmics song must be an angel?

Which Wham! song makes you go go?

Which track by Tears For Fears has you wanting to shout?

Which Blondie song makes you want to call me?

Which Bon Jovi track has you livin' on a prayer?

Which Def Leppard track has you bringin' on the heartbreak?

Which Elton John song is your ball and chain?

Which Van Halen song makes you want to jump?

What Pet Shop Boys song isn't a sin?

Which Pink Floyd song is beyond the wall?

Which Hall & Oates song makes your dreams?

Which Dire Straits song is the way you do it?

Which track by The Police is magic?

Which Iron Maiden song has you running for the hills?

Which ZZ Top song masters the fuzzbox voodoo?

Which Talking Heads song has you staying up late?

Which INXS song is your one hit wonder?

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