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Is your blog poised to make millions? Not if you fail our "How to Make Money Blogging" Quiz!

The word "blog" is a hybrid of what two words?

Programmer Peter Merholz is widely credited with shortening the phrase "web log" to "blog" in 1999.


True or false: Everyone who blogs makes money.

The majority of bloggers do not earn any income from their blogging activity.


In 2007, how much did Perez Hilton's celebrity gossip blog receive per month in advertising revenue?

The blog, PerezHilton.com, reportedly drew 4 million hits per day in 2007 and made $111,000 in advertising revenue per month.


According to a survey by the technology Web site Technorati, what percentage of bloggers earned a salary in 2011?

Fourteen percent of bloggers earned a salary -- an average of $24,086 per year.


The 2011 Technorati survey suggests that 10 percent of bloggers were paid by the post. Half reported that they earned less than what amount per post?

For the 10 percent of bloggers who were paid by the post, half reported earning less then $25 per post, and half made less than $1,000 in annual income.


Technorati identifies what four different types of bloggers?

Technorati uses these categories in their annual "State of the Blogosphere" survey: hobbyists, professionals, corporate bloggers and entrepreneurs.


Of the four types of bloggers, which is the most common?

Hobbyists account for some 60 percent of all bloggers, and tend to write about their lives and interests without any real expectation of income.


True or false: Not all professional bloggers are full-time.

Of the 18 percent of bloggers who consider themselves professionals, 72 percent use their blog for part-time supplemental income.


For what purpose do corporate bloggers typically use their blogs?

Corporate bloggers make up just 8 percent of the blogosphere, and they use their blogs to share expertise, promote their brand and try to attract new clients.


How are entrepreneur bloggers different from corporate bloggers?

Entrepreneur bloggers are similar to corporate bloggers in that they both maintain blogs to share expertise, promote their brand and attract new clients.


True or false: You should blog about a topic that you love.

To maximize the number of people reading your blog, you need to pick a topic that you love and that other people are interested in as well.


Visitors to a blog are also referred to as what?

In the blog world, visitors are referred to as "traffic." The more traffic a blog has, the more potential it has to be successful.


What is one of the most common ways bloggers can earn an income?

A popular way to begin publishing advertisements on your blog is through Google's AdSense, a free service that matches ads with content on your Web page, then pays you based on how many people click the ads for further information.


How can a blogger use an affiliate program in his or her blog?

When bloggers place an affiliate link on their pages or in posts, they get paid when a visitor clicks through to the affiliate Web site. In addition, they earn a cut of any sale the Web site makes as a result of a blogger's link.


When using an advertising service like Google AdSense, how much compensation should a blogger expect from a single ad click?

Companies like AdSense pay a fraction of a penny per ad click. Therefore, don't expect too much revenue from advertisements if you don't have much traffic to your blog.


What is it called when a company pays a blogger to write about its products on the blogger's personal Web page?

The term is "pay-per-post." There are several Web sites where you can find pay-per-post jobs, including PayPerPost, Review Me, SponsoredReviews and Blogsvertise.


According to BlogPulse, how many blogs existed as of Nov. 13, 2011?

The answer is 176 million. That same day, the Huffington Post was the most popular blog, according to Technorati.


True or false: Most successful bloggers begin making money immediately.

Many of the most popular bloggers worked for months -- or even years -- before their Web sites began to earn much attention and revenue. Jim Wang's popular Bargaineering blog didn't get more than 100 visitors a day for the first six months.


What is the typical compensation for a pay-per-post blog entry?

The pay for pay-per-post blog entries is usually very low (just $10 to $20), but can be as high as $1,000 for very popular bloggers.


True or false: Most companies will pay you to blog even if you have little or no experience.

Many companies and organizations require you to have a certain amount of blogging experience and expertise before they'll hire you to write for them.


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