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You've heard stories about people making a killing on eBay, but do you have what it takes to get an eBay business off the ground? Find out with our quiz.

When did eBay get its start?

A broken laser pointer was the first item sold on the site in 1995.


Who was the founder of eBay?

Pierre Omidyar founded eBay, which stands for Echo Bay; another company had already taken the name.


How many active users does eBay have?

The online marketplace has attracted 97 million users around the globe.


What is the average dollar volume of sales per second?

eBay sells more than $2,000 in sales per second. The total value of goods sold in 2010 was $62 billion.


In spite of a weak economy, how much did online retail sales increase in 2010?

That 13 percent jump shows that shoppers are drawn to the web for convenience and price comparison.


Which of the following items can you NOT buy on ebay?

Pets and wildlife can't be sold on eBay.


The auction format works best if:

Bidders will raise the price to win a popular item.


A "buy it now" price is used in:

Instead of having would-be buyers battle it out, the seller sets a price that will be accepted immediately.


What is a reserve price?

The reserve helps protect the seller maintain favorable pricing.


What information should be included in the title?

Include keywords that a buyer would enter into the search engine.


What is an easy way to appeal to buyers?

Effective pricing can incorporate the cost of shipping.


eBay Buyer Protection does NOT cover:

No need to worry about buyers' remorse anyway: Purchases are covered up to 45 days.


What is the minimum number of transactions required to become a PowerSeller?

Bronze is the first tier level, attained after making 100 transactions in one year.


Which of the following is NOT a benefit of becoming a Titanium PowerSeller?

Top tier sellers may enjoy access to premier account services and benefits, but a retirement plan is a bridge too far.


What is a DSR?

Sellers are rated on item descriptions, communication, shipping time, and shipping & handling charges.


Which of the following is NOT a PowerSeller tier level?

There are five levels determined by sales levels or number of transactions.


What annual sales are required to become a Titanium seller?

This top tier requires $1.8 million in sales or 180,000 transactions.


Phone support is offered to PowerSellers during this time period:

eBay representatives will answer specific questions fron 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.


What can sellers add to their listings for a small fee?

A picture is worth a thousand words.


What are Top-rated seller designations based on?

Top-rated sellers must have 100 transactions and high DSR ratings.


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