Quiz: Make Some Decisions as a High School Student and We'll Guess What Stereotype You Are!
Make Some Decisions as a High School Student and We'll Guess What Stereotype You Are!
By: Amanda Monell
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About This Quiz

High school can be one of the most magical times in a person's life.  Most of us were introduced to what we perceive as true love during this time, longtime friendships were built, and of course, there was the drama.  On top of all this, we were all given labels, classifying what clique we belonged in.  

Depending on the clique you were placed in, you received perks.  The jocks and the cool kids got the top pick of everything, from potential dates to multiple shots in the school's yearbook.  If you were a nerd, your teachers shared the passion that you had for the subjects that they taught, so they would shower you with praise whenever possible.  If you were a rebel, you gained a reputation of being the bad girl or boy and were the source of many steamy romances, usually with the good girls or boys.  Or maybe you were one of those elusive floaters, trying to socialize with everyone, regardless of their labels.

Do you miss it?  The teenage soap opera with various characters and situations, where suspense, drama and romance reign supreme?  If so, we invite you to go back in time and revisit your high-school self.  Then we'll figure out where you belonged.

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It's the first day of the new school year. How well did you sleep the night before?

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What kind of outfit will you be wearing to school?

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While in one of your classes, your teacher decides that it's time for a pop quiz. What grade are you getting?

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Let's say you have something that NEEDS to be told to one of your friends immediately. Which method do you use to communicate?

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Your friend just ran up to you in tears because their significant other did something stupid. How do you handle it?

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While hanging out at your locker, you catch your crush checking you out. How do you handle it?

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While at a party, you discover that alcohol and other illegal substances are around. What do you do?

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How did you feel when you got your driver's license?

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As part of your graduation requirements, you need to do some community service. Which of these volunteer opportunities will you take?

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Which of these foreign languages will you take?

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