Make a Starbucks Order and We'll Guess Your Eye Color

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If your eyes are the window to your soul and the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then there has to be a point where your eyes and your stomach cross paths, doesn't there?  The answer is yes, and it's at Starbucks!  Believe it or not, you can tell a lot about a person based entirely on how they navigate a Starbucks menu.  With all the flavors and sizes and add-ons you can get, a person could really bare their soul through nothing but coffee.  It's these seemingly innocuous things that give away so much about ourselves.  And while you no doubt agree we might be able to guess your tastes based on this, and a little bit about your personality, what if we told you we could guess your eye color?

If it seems too far-fetched to be believed, that's just because you haven't taken the quiz yet.  The fact is, we have a team of highly skilled Starbucks biologists working behind the scenes here, and these people know their stuff.  Al you need to do is break down some of your Starbucks preferences for us, what you like and what you don't, and in no time we'll be able to peg your eye color.  Amazing!  Give the quiz a try and see for yourself.

When it comes to the basics, what kind of coffee are you looking to drink?

If you're looking for a fruity pick-me-up, maybe a Refresher is what you need. Pick the best flavor.

There's a whole orchard of fruits you can get infused into a Starbucks iced tea. What sounds best?

If you're in the mood for a latte, you have a lot of choices at Starbucks. Which one is best?

Maybe mocha is your flavor. What mocha drink do you like the sound of?

Is it possible a macchiato is the only thing that could make your day? Order your favorite!

Some of the drinks at Starbucks are basically just hot, liquid desserts. Which one sounds best?

On a cold day, nothing hits the spot like hot chocolate. What Starbucks hot chocolate is the one for you?

On a toasty day, you might find yourself craving a cold brew. Which one is the best tasting?

You can get some tasty cold-pressed juice at Starbucks if you're looking for something fresh. Pick the best one!

Have you ever had a Starbucks brand energy drink? What kind would you like to try?

You can get a wide variety of bottled Frappuccino drinks from Starbucks. What kind is the most delectable?

If you're looking for some hot tea, Starbucks has tea all over the place. What flavor of tea do you want?

Which one of these legendarily bizarre Starbucks orders sounds the most unbearable?

Starbucks is willing to go over the top with some of their fresh-made Frappuccinos. Which one would you love to try?

If you hit up Starbucks first thing in the morning, maybe you'll feel the need to get breakfast. What would you eat?

Ever find yourself in the mood for some yogurt? Starbucks will yogurt your world! Pick one!

You can get yourself a whole little protein-filled lunch box at Starbucks if you're feeling peckish. What boxed lunch sounds best?

Sometimes you just need to eat a sandwich. What kind of Starbucks sandwich would you get?

Coffee and a bagel are a classic combo. What kind of bagel would you order?

If you need a sweet snack on the go, there are always cookies! What Starbucks cookie sounds best?

If your drink isn't up to snuff, you can always add a flavor shot. What syrup flavor is making your drink perfect?

For a little added flair, you can have some toppings on your drink. What would you add?

During the holiday season, Starbucks busts out some seasonal favorites. Which one sounds the best to you?

Some Starbucks will hook you up with a freshly made salad. Which of these salads sounds best?

Who doesn't love a doughnut every now and then? Pick the best one to go with your drink.

If you feel like going a bit green, you should get some matcha. Which matcha drink sounds best to you?

Starbucks is pretty much the reason you even know what pumpkin spice is these days. What pumpkin-infused item would you order?

You know you're getting a fancy drink if someone put the word "caffe" at the beginning. What caffe drink is for you?

You probably don't want to know the number of calories in most of the drinks at Starbucks. Pick your skinny favorite.

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