Make the Perfect Pizza and We'll Reveal Which "Star Wars" Character You Are

Kennita Leon

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There's just something about "Star Wars," even as the decades pass, that keeps us humans enthralled. Whether it's the characters, the adventure, the fights or even the technology, the residents of planet Earth are still as obsessed with George Lucas' creation now, as they were back in the seventies when the first films were released. 

But we are curious about one thing: we want to know one reason why you keep coming back to "Star Wars." We want to ask you a few Star Wars themed questions, so we can tell you who you're most like. And we're not talking about the newer people like Rey, Rose Tico or DJ. We're talking about the OG characters like Luke, Padme, Darth Vader and even Han Solo. Which one of them are you?

Now the way in which we're going to figure out this question is to ask you to do one simple thing for us. That simple thing is to make your perfect pizza. From the crust to the sauce and the cheese to the toppings. Heck! We even want to know how long you'll cook it for and what you'll cook it in. 

So just to be clear, a few Star Wars questions and how you'd build your perfect pizza. By the end, we'll be able to tell you which iconic star wars character you are. So, are you ready to find out? 

Let's get this pizza started! What kind of crust is the best?

What is this crust being made from/out of?

How many people does this pizza need to feed?

Which of these sauces are you going with?

Which of these cheeses is going on your masterpiece?

Just how much cheese are your actually putting?

What meat is going on this pizza?

Are you going with any seafood?

Time for the veggies, and you can only choose one. Which of these would it be?

Are we adding any weird ingredients to it?

What about something spicy?

Did you forget anything?

What are you making it in?

What heat are you cooking it at?

How long is it gonna cook for?

How did the pizza turn out?

How many times a week do you eat pizza?

Which food chain sells the best pizza, ever?

Which part of Italy would you love to visit just to get some authentic pizza?

Enough about this pizza! Let's talk about other foods. Which Italian classic, that is not pizza, do you love?

Which cuisine, besides Italian, is your favorite?

How good of a chef would you say you are?

What's the one dish that you never screw up?

Who's your favorite celebrity chef?

What's your favorite breakfast in the whole wide world?

But what could you never put in your mouth?

Are you very adventurous when it comes to food?

What's one word you can use to describe your appetite?

Do you follow any food accounts on your social media?

Last but not least, would you call yourself a foodie?

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