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You know the name of your favorite lipstick shade, and you know which brand of mascara really makes your eyes pop. But how much do you know about the people who originally developed and marketed these products? Test your knowledge of makeup history in this quiz about great makeup moguls.

Which cosmetics giant pioneered the concept of "free gift with purchase," which is now a staple at many makeup counters?

Estée Lauder was a master marketer when it came to selling her skin creams. Not only would she make in-store appearances to speak to customers, she also pioneered the idea of free samples and gifts to lure people to her cosmetics counter.


Who developed kiss-proof lipstick?

Hazel Bishop used her background as a chemist to test different lipstick concoctions in her kitchen. Her kiss-proof formula was an instant success, though behind-the-scenes, Bishop was usually mired in stockholder battles and financial issues.


Who developed mineral makeup?

Diane Ranger founded Bare Escentuals in 1976 as a way to promote mineral makeup, which she saw as a more natural, healthy alternative to other cosmetics.


Who is considered the father of modern makeup?

Max Factor not only invented the word "makeup," he also invented flexible pancake foundation that could be worn on screen, lip gloss and the eyebrow pencil. His work with top Hollywood stars in the early 20th century paved the way for all women to make cosmetics part of their daily lives.


Who invented mascara?

Rimmel's invention bears his name in several languages -- the word for mascara is "rimmel" in Dutch, Persian and Portuguese.


Who popularized mascara, with the help of his sister Mabel's recipe?

While Eugene Rimmel gets credit for inventing mascara, the product became truly mainstream with advancements made by T.L. Williams. Williams observed his sister Mabel's method for mixing coal dust and petroleum jelly and made it popular. His company -- Maybelline -- was named in honor of his sibling.


Who introduced nail polishes and lipsticks in a wide array of colors to women in the United States?

Charles Revson was the creator of Revlon Cosmetics, which specialized in providing matching lipsticks and nail polishes to women. Revlon provided creatively named products, like "Cherries in the Snow," to a market that offered few color choices.


Which of the following people made a fortune by selling hair and cosmetics products to women of color?

Madam C.J. Walker was probably the wealthiest black woman of her time, thanks to her cosmetics business.


Which makeup mogul started her career in Australia?

When Helena Rubenstein moved to Australia in 1902, she found her first customers for her skin creams.


Which businesswoman rewarded her top employees with pink Cadillacs?

When she became successful, Mary Kay Ash asked for a Cadillac that matched some of her makeup. Soon, she was providing cars for successful saleswomen that worked for her.


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