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Camping can be a lot of fun, but accidents happen, and it helps to know how to repair and even make some of the equipment you need. From fixing rips in tents to replacing the soles of your boots, having some do-it-yourself skills can save you quite a bit of money. Take our quiz to lean more about how to make and repair camping equipment.

What are the two most common materials for making tents?

Most tents are made of either nylon or canvas, both of which are comparatively light and water resistant.


The tread you use for repairing a tent should have which of these qualities?

You'll want to use waxed thread, which is both water-proof and strong.


How much time does it take to fix a tent?

Depending on the severity of the problem, you should need between 10 minutes and one hour to repair a tent.


What is the main cause of tears is the fabric of a tent?

When you pitch a tent too rigidly, you promote tears in the fabric. Always make sure there is some give to your tent.


Before setting up a tent you should check the area for which of these?

if you want to avoid damage to your tent, you should make sure there aren't any tree limbs or sharp rocks near the tent.


If you find a small tear in a tent what should you do?

There's no need to take out needle and thread for a small tear. Just tape it up with some repair tape.


What sort of repair tape should you use for nylon tents?

Ripstop nylon repair tape is ideal for fixing small tears. Make sure to apply a liberal amount to both sides of the tear.


Why should you smooth out nylon tape while applying it?

Always smooth out the tape as you apply it, to avoid both air and water leaks.


What material is the repair tape for canvas made of?

Canvas shouldn't be repaired with ripstop nylon; use taffeta instead.


After you've applied repair tape, what should you do?

Make sure to use sealer after applying repair tape, so that your tent is indeed waterproof.


When using tape to patch a large tear, how long should the strips be?

One common mistake is to use strips of tape that are too short. Make sure the strips of tape extend at least 1.5 inches (4 centimeters) past the repair line.


What is the main ingredient in homemade insect repellent?

You can add all the citronella and sandalwood oil you want, but the main ingredient in insect repellent is rubbing alcohol.


What kind of adhesive should you use to replace the sole of a boot?

While it's important that the adhesive you use be strong, it's even more important that it be flexible enough that it doesn't crack when you use the new sole.


Why is it important not to touch the new soles with your hands?

The body oils that humans produce repel most adhesives, so use work gloves when touching new soles.


How are soles usually attached to boots?

Depending on the quality of the boot, the sole will be either glued on or sewn on.


How long should it take to resole a boot?

It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to resole a boot, but take your time because it needs to be done correctly.


What is the middle layer of a sole made of?

Between the outer sole of a boot and the permanent leather layer is a rubber layer that must be cleaned before the new sole is attached.


What brand name do most expert hikers suggest you use for boot soles?

For top-of-the-line rubber soles there is only one name: Vibram.


For how long should you let a new sole set?

It only takes about an hours or so to resole a boot, but you should let it set for 24 hours to ensure it bonds correctly.


Once the new sole has set, what should you do with the excess sole?

The excess sole isn't useful, and to give the boot a professional finish you should trim of any excess with a sharp knife.


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