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Today's man caves are no longer furnished with a hand-me-down sofa, old TV or grungy fridge. Up-to-date man caves can include a large flat-screen TV, sectional sofa, drinking area and memorabilia collection. Take this quiz and be inspired for a modern man's cave.

Beer is a necessary supply for what table game?

Beer-pong is a popular table game which involves a ping-pong ball and cups of beer. Beer-pong can be played on any flat surface and has no official rules.


Wine enthusiasts may want a __________________ for their man cave.

Wine enthusiasts may want to install a special storage place for wine in their man cave. A modern-day version of a wine cellar can be installed in a closet.


For a biker, where is the best location for his man cave?

The garage is the obvious location for a biker's man cave.


What is a great color scheme for a biker-themed man cave?

Orange and black are biker colors. Adding a flame or two will make the wall décor even more dramatic.


If hunting is your passion, you may want a hunting lodge-inspired man cave. What type of animal would look good in this cave?

If you hunt it would be appropriate to hang your stuffed prey on the wall of your man cave.


What is a lowbrow décor choice for a hunting-lodge man cave?

Camouflage décor would be budget friendly and still convey the hunting theme.


What is the CineMassive OmegaPlex computer screen?

The CineMassive OmegaPlex computer screen is a 27.6-million-pixel multiscreen display that's 2 feet high and more than 6 feet wide. The screen's price tag is $13,000.


Why is a man cave an obvious solution for a serious game player?

Serious game players need a place to play without interruption.


Can a home office be considered a man cave?

A man cave is anywhere a man goes to be alone. Not every man cave must have a TV, bar or pool table.


Offices are sometimes dull and sterile. How can you make your home office a place you like to spend time in?

Comfy chairs, relaxed lighting and some fun memorabilia will liven up your home office.


NASA is installing a man cave in the International Space Station. What will be in this man cave?

The man cave on the International Space Station will have an Internet connection and a Robonaut 2 robotic servant, but no beer-pong.


What do sci-fi geeks like to have in their man caves?

Sci-fi geeks need a place to show off collections and memorabilia. A souped-up computer would be a welcome addition, too.


What type of accessories would be found in a tiki bar-themed man cave?

Tiki bar-themed man caves can be more female friendly than other man caves, and you may want to occasionally invite a woman over. These man caves may have vintage surfboards or Hawaiian shirts on display.


What is the best music choice for a tiki bar-themed man cave?

Jimmy Buffet songs go well with this theme. A heavy-duty blender for frozen drinks would be a good investment for the bar.


Where should women go to be alone?

Women deserve their own space. HomeGoods stores have teamed up with designer Elaine Griffin to introduce the mom cave.


A home theater is a family-friendly man cave. What is a good refreshment machine to purchase for the home theater?

A popcorn machine is a must have for the home theater.


If your friends are not the most honest, what will you want in your Vegas style man cave?

During poker games, a hidden camera security system will keep your friends honest.


Why do casinos never have clocks on display?

Casinos want you to forget about time and continue playing gambling games. If you want your guests to loose track of time, you should ban clocks in your man cave.


Denny DeLuca's man cave has a special toilet seat on display. Where did the toilet seat come from?

The toilet seat came from the demolished Three Rivers Stadium, previous home to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Denny DeLuca's man cave has 252 square feet crammed full of Steelers' mementos. DeLuca exhibited his man cave and featured toilet at Carnegie Mellon University.


Can you mix sports when designing a sport-themed man cave?

Of course you can. Rescue all your old sports gear and put it on display. Some signed items on display would be a great addition to any man cave.


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