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A lot may have changed since the '80s, but some things remain the same. College students still struggle with the bills, and busy families still need extra hands to keep the household running. "Charles in Charge" solved these problems by giving a broke college student free room and board in exchange for taking care of the house and kids. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the cast and chaos of "Charles in Charge"!

What is the name of the family that Charles works for in the first season of the show?

In season one, Charles works for the Pembroke family. When the show came back for a second season a few years later, the Pembrokes have moved to Seattle and leased their home to the Powells, who quickly scoop up Charles to help with the kids and housework.


Where does Charles go to school?

Charles attends the fictional Copeland College while living with the Pembroke and Powell families. His efforts to stay on top of his studies while balancing his work for the families were a major focus of the show.


What is the name of Charles' best friend?

Charles pals around with his best friend, Buddence "Buddy" Lembeck, played by Willie Aames. Aames and Scott Baio had once starred together in the 1982 flick, "Zapped!"


Who's the most beautiful girl in the world, played by Jennifer Runyon?

Charles and Buddy are head over heels for Gwendolyn Pierce in the first season. She eventually starts dating Charles, but the pair split due to the pressures of college.


Who is the oldest of the three Pembroke kids?

The Pembrokes have three children -- oldest daughter Lila, nerdy middle child Douglas, and Jason, the sarcastic youngest son.


How many kids do the Powells have?

Charles still has three kids to care for once the Pembrokes move out and the Powells move in. From youngest to oldest, they are Adam, Sarah and Jamie.


Why was Mr. Powell never around?

Ellen Powell needed Charles' help to keep her kids in line because her husband was a Naval officer and was rarely home. Her father-in-law, Walter, also moved in to help her manage the household.


What is the name of the Pembrokes' trouble-making cousin?

Cousin Elliot wreaks havoc on the family when he comes to town because he has a bad habit of getting others in trouble -- and isn't afraid to stoop to a little blackmail to keep himself out of trouble. He later runs for student body president, prompting Charles to run against him.


What business does Grandma Irene want to go into with Charles?

When the Pembroke parents are away on a trip to Jamaica, Grandma Irene comes to town. She's hoping she can get Charles to run her pizza business because she's jealous of how close he is with her grandkids. When he refuses, she decides to go it alone in the pizza biz.


What service does Charles 'R' Us provide?

Hoping to make some cash so they can afford to take girls on dates, Charles and Buddy start Charles 'R' Us, a business that finds home helpers for families. They are successful with helping only one client, the Wilson family, before throwing in the towel.


Which actress played Jamie Powell on the show?

Nicole Eggert played the oldest Powell daughter, Jamie, on the show. She later went on to don a red swimsuit on "Baywatch."


What lands Charles and Walter in the hospital, just as Lt. Whiteford is making a play for Mrs. Powell?

With Commander Powell away at sea, his old buddy Lt. Whiteford comes to town and makes a move on his wife. When Charles and Walter are laid up in the hospital after eating some bad clams, Mrs. Powell is left alone to fend off her unwanted suitor.


What job does Charles land with the local newspaper in season two?

When Charles asks for a job on the paper, he is less than thrilled to take on the role of Amy in the "Dear Amy" advice column. When he receives a letter that appears to be written by Sarah, he is not sure how he should handle it, without giving away his true identity.


What actor played the stone-faced Stanley Willard on the show?

Ben Stein appeared as Stanley Willard, who played various roles throughout the series. He was a hard-nosed professor, a loan officer and a guidance counselor -- and typically spent his time making Charles' life more difficult.


What is the name of Charles' mom on the show?

Ellen Travolta played Charles' mom, Lillian. The actress also played his mother on "Happy Days" and its spinoffs, leading many to think that Charles was really Chachi from "Happy Days."


What's the name of the local pizza joint?

Charles and Buddy regularly head to Sid's Pizza for a slice. When the restaurant finds itself in trouble, Charles' mom, Lillian, buys it and takes over. She later opens a '50s-themed diner called The Yesterday Cafe.


What business is Charles' Uncle Joe involved in?

Uncle Joe runs a successful pickle business and hopes to bring Charles on board. Charles later decides that what he really wants to do is teach, not sell pickles, and changes his major to Education.


What is Buddy's sister's name?

When Buddy's sister Bunny comes to town, the family learns that she is an alcoholic. Mindy Cohn from "The Facts of Life" played the part of Bunny.


What gets Sarah arrested in the season four premiere?

When her father's Navy ship is docked near town, Sarah gets arrested for protesting the vessel's nuclear weapons in the episode, "No Nukes is Good Nukes."


Who ends up in the clutches of a cult in season four?

When Jamie returns from camp with a totally different outlook on life, the family learns that she is involved in a cult. It's up to Charles and Buddy to free her and help her see the error of her ways.


What role is Jamie given when a commercial is filmed at Lillian's diner?

Jamie has dreams of stardom when producers film a commercial at Lillian's diner in season four. Unfortunately, the producers love Sarah's fresh-faced look, so Jamie is stuck playing a dancing banana.


What is the name of Charles' alter ego after he hits his head?

After suffering a head injury, Charles becomes Chaz. His personality totally changes and he marries a woman named Tiffany.


What drives Buddy to join the priesthood?

After buddy is attacked by a bird in the season five episode, "Get Thee to a Nuttery," he decides to join a monastery and become a priest. It's up to Charles to remind him of all the things he's missing out on -- like girls.


Which actress played Jennifer in the episode, "There's a Girl in My Ficus?"

A young Tiffani Thiessen, of "Saved By the Bell" fame, played Charles' girlfriend Jennifer in season five. When she forces Charles to choose between her and Buddy, Charles sends her packing in favor of his best friend.


Which pop star appears in the season five episode, "Paper Covers Rock?"

British pop star Samantha Fox appeared as singer Samantha Steele on "Charles in Charles." In the episode, Sarah is assigned to interview the star, while Steele's agent pushes her to date Charles for publicity.


What does Charles hope to raise money for, using Buddy's newly-discovered ESP abilities in season five?

Charles desperately needs a new computer in the episode "Brain Man," but he can't afford one. When it looks like Buddy might have ESP, Charles hopes he can use his friend's talent to raise the funds he needs.


Where is Charles accepted for graduate school?

In the series finale, Charles learns he has been accepted to graduate school at Princeton, as Sarah throws a variety show to raise money for a big field trip.


Which actress played Meagan Parker on the show?

A young Meg Ryan played Meagan Parker, who appeared in a handful of episodes of "Charles in Charge" and eventually became a live-in helper for the Wilson family.


Which Golden Girl played Grandma Irene Pembroke?

It was Rue McClanahan who appeared as Grandma Irene Pembroke -- who feuded with Charles because she was jealous of his relationship with her beloved grandchildren.


How many seasons did the show run?

"Charles in Charge" ran for a total of five seasons. It started off in 1984 and ran for a single season before it was canceled. It then did so well in syndication that it was brought back for four more seasons, starting in 1987.


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