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The NCAA men's basketball tournament generates some of the most unforgettable moments in sports history. From buzzer-beaters to blowouts, March Madness has everything you could want in basketball. How much you know about March Madness?

In what year did the national title game achieve its highest-ever ratings?

In 1979, Magic Johnson led Michigan State to a title against Larry Bird's Indiana State. Their duel captured the highest title game ratings ever.


Magic Johnson outscored Larry Bird in that famous 1979 title game.

Johnson had a phenomenal 24-point game and Bird scored 19. Bird also had 13 rebounds but couldn't will Indiana State to a win.


During the 1990 tournament, why did Loyola Marymount's Bo Kimble shoot his first free throw in every game with his left hand?

During the season, Kimble's teammate Hank Gathers died in the middle of a game. To honor his friend, Kimble shot the first free throw of each tournament game with his left hand -- he made all of them.


In the 1982 title game, Michael Jordan hit the game-winning shot for which team?

Jordan launched his legacy in that '82 game, hitting a shot for North Carolina at the end of the game. It helped Tarheels coach Dean Smith win his first championship.


From where on the court did Jordan hit the game-winning shot in the previous question?

No basketball fan could forget Jordan's baseline jumper with 15 seconds remaining. North Carolina then stole a pass to seal the win.


Which other player was NOT a part of the game in which Jordan hit the game-winning shot?

Malone didn't play in this game, which was mostly a back-and-forth battle between Worthy and Ewing. Until this game, Jordan was one of many good Tarheels players.


How many No. 8 seeds did the 2000 Final Four feature?

There were two No. 8 seeds that year, including Wisconsin and North Carolina -- both of which had lost 13 games coming into the tournament. Both teams lost in the Final Four.


In 2006, George Mason upended top-seeded UConn, a team that had how many future first-round NBA draft picks?

UConn had four future NBA stars on its roster but still couldn't beat back the George Mason buzzsaw. UConn tied the game at the very end of regulation but still lost in overtime.


Which team inspired a 2006 movie called "Glory Road"?

Texas Western (now UTEP) had the first ever all-black starting five in 1966. They blazed their way to a title, beating an all-white Kentucky team 72-65.


What is the lowest seeded team to ever win the national title?

1985's Villanova squad was the lowest-seeded title winner (No. 8 seed) in history. That was the first year to feature a 64-team field, meaning in previous years Villanova wouldn't have even made the tournament.


What sort of shot did Jerome Whitehead make to help Marquette beat UNC-Charlotte in the 1977 Final Four?

With less than a minute left, Butch Lee launched a pass to Whitehead, who sprinted for a layup. Marquette won by just one basket.


In 2001, Iowa State had a No. 2 seed in the tournament. To which team did the Cyclones lose?

If you asked, "Who's Hampton?" you'd be echoing the sentiments of Iowa State fans. Hampton beat the Cyclones by one point and then carried their coach off of the floor in a true made-for-TV moment.


In 2010, Northern Iowa was seeded ninth but managed to beat the overall No. 1 seed -- which team did the Panthers defeat?

Leading Kansas by one point with just 35 seconds left, the Panthers opted not to play it safe by just dribbling around the floor. Guard Ali Farokhmanesh drilled a wide-open three-pointer to doom the Jayhawks.


In what year did Duke's Christian Laettner hit a game-winning shot to beat Kentucky in the regional finals?

Laettner famously went 9-for-9 from the field in this unforgettable 1992 game. Duke won 104-103 in overtime.


Who threw the long inbound pass that set up Laettner's game-winning shot?

Grant Hill chucked a pass all the way down the floor to Laettner, who calmly dribbled the ball, spun and swished the game-winning shot.


Indiana's Keith Smart hit the last-second shot to beat Syracuse in the 1987 title game. What sort of shot did he make?

As time wound down, Smart drifted towards the baseline and hit an improbable floating jumper. Syracuse ran out of time before it could attempt another shot.


How did Rumeal Robinson help seal a Michigan title victory in 1989?

With three seconds left and Michigan down by one, Robinson (a shaky free throw shooter) hit two free throws to help the Wolverines edge Seton Hall.


In the 1983 championship matchup, North Carolina State beat the heavily favored Houston Cougars to win the national title. By how many points did N.C. State win?

The game was tied as N.C. State launched a long shot that fell short … only to be grabbed in mid-air and slammed by Lorenzo Charles. The Wolfpack won by just two points.


In 2012, which team did 15th-seeded Lehigh beat in the first round of the tournament?

Lehigh guard C.J. McCollum had the game of his life against Duke -- he scored 30 points and sent the heavily-favored Blue Devils to an early exit.


During the 2016 tournament, Middle Tennessee State became just the eighth No.15 seed to win in the first round. Which team did they beat?

Reggie Upshaw Jr. had 21 points as the Blue Raiders upset Michigan State. Both teams shot nearly 60 percent from the field, but the Spartans just couldn't grab the lead.


In 1996, which team beat defending champions UCLA in the very first round?

Princeton was seeded 13th in 1996 and matched against fourth-seeded UCLA. The Tigers frustrated the Bruins to no end, scraping out a 43-41 victory.


In what year did a No. 15 seed finally upset a No. 2 seed?

For decades, a No. 15 seed essentially meant a first-round exit. In 1991, the Richmond Spiders were the first to break the trend, beating Syracuse 73-69.


In the 2008 title game, by how many points did Kansas trail Memphis with just over two minutes to play?

The Jayhawks were down by 9 points with 2:12 left in the game. Memphis clanked multiple free throws and allowed Kansas to force the game into overtime … which the Jayhawks won.


In 1981, a player named U.S. Reed launched a half-court bomb to knock off which team?

U.S. Reed played for Arkansas, which trailed Louisville by one point with five seconds remaining. In the face of a double-team, he threw up a half-court shot that banked in, giving the Razorbacks a signature win.


Which was the last team to complete an entire season (including the tournament) undefeated?

Indiana coach Bob Knight led the Hoosier to the last undefeated season -- which happened all the way back in 1976.


In 2011, which team went from First Four to the Final Four?

VCU, led by coach Shaka Smart, played USC in the First Four … and then made it all the way to the Final Four before finally falling to Butler.


Which of the following teams did VCU NOT beat during its run from First Four to the Final Four?

VCU didn't play UCLA that year. They beat USC, Georgetown, Purdue, Florida State and then top-seeded Kansas before bowing out to Butler.


In 1957, North Carolina won the title game in triple overtime to seal a perfect season. How many total games did they win?

The Tarheels went a perfect 32-0 in 1957. Not even the legendary Wilt Chamberlain could stop them in the championship game.


In 1995, UCLA's Tyus Edney took an inbound pass and dashed the length of the floor to hit a game-winning layup. How much time was on the clock when the play began?

Edney single-handedly beat the Missouri Tigers on the last play of the game. He took the pass and ran the entire floor in just 4.8 seconds, hitting a high-arching layup as time expired.


Which team adopted the nickname Dunk City and then went on an unlikely tournament run?

Florida Gulf Coast was a No. 15 seed when it beat Georgetown by 10 points in the first round. Dunk City made it all the way to the Sweet 16 before losing.


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