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“There exist certain natural rights inherent in every society of which not only one nation but all the nations together could not justly deprive an individual," he wrote. Nope, not Thomas Jefferson. How much do you know about Marquis de Lafayette?

What is the Marquis de Lafayette's birth name?

Lafayette was born as Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch-Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette. "It’s not my fault,” he once playfully said. “I was baptized like a Spaniard, with the name of every conceivable saint who might offer me more protection in battle.”


When did he become "Marquis"?

Lafayette became the Marquis de Lafayette at age 2, after his father, a colonel, was killed in the Seven Years' War.


What elite French military unit was Lafayette part of between 1763 and 1775?

In 1763, at 16 years old, Lafayette won a captain's commission and was appointed to the elite unit, the Black Musketeers. He lost it in 1775, though, during a period of reduced military spending by the French government.


In which American war was Lafayette involved?

Lafayette fought with the revolutionists during the American Revolutionary War.


What secret society led Lafayette to learn about the American Revolution?

Charles-Francois, comte de Broglie, introduced Lafayette to the Freemasons, where Lafayette learned of the revolution.


How old was Lafayette when he first came to America?

Lafayette was 19 years old when he bought his own ship and traveled to America for the first time in 1777, inspired to fight with the American revolutionists.


Despite his lack of experience when he volunteered, Lafayette was commissioned at what rank by the Congress?

Lafayette was commissioned a major general on July 31, 1777 but was not given an active command.


True or false: Lafayette and George Washington were close friends who corresponded until Washington died in 1799.

The pair became good friends after meeting a little more than a month after Lafayette arrived to volunteer in the Continental Army, and they grew to see each other in a father (Washington) and son (Lafayette) way.


During which American Revolution battle was Lafayette shot in the calf?

Lafayette was shot in the calf during the Battle of Brandywine, his first battle, on Sept. 11, 1777. Although injured, he successfully retreated the troops.


True or false: In 1792, Lafayette, at that time seen as a traitor under the French National Assembly, was captured and imprisoned as he attempted to flee to the U.S.

Lafayette, seen as a tool of the French king, was a political prisoner, first by the Prussians at Wesel and then the Austrians at Olmutz.


Who arranged for Lafayette's release?

Napoleon Bonaparte assisted in the release of Lafayette in 1797 but did not allow him to return to France.


What did Lafayette and his wife, Adrienne, name their only son?

The couple named their only son, born in 1779, Georges Washington de Lafayette.


Three years later, after whom or what did Lafayette and his wife name their youngest daughter?

The Lafayette's named their youngest daughter after Marie Antoinette, queen of France.


What name did Lafayette popularize to describe each state's militia, called minutemen, during the American Revolution?

Lafayette referred to state militia's as the "national guard," the name officially given in 1916.


Who did Lafayette's command go up against at the Virginia Campaign in 1781?

During the Virginia Campaign, Lafayette commanded about 5,000 men in successfully blocking Gen. Cornwallis' troops, contributing to the patriot's victory at the Battle of Yorktown.


The marquis laid the cornerstone of which American Revolution monument?

Lafayette laid the cornerstone of the Bunker Hill Monument, the scene of the first major American Revolution battle.


Which was the French frigate that ferried Lafayette, carrying news that France would support the American revolution, across the Atlantic in 1780?

In 1780, Lafayette traveled on the Concorde class frigate Hermione bringing news that France would support the Continental Army with men and money.


What nickname was Lafayette given?

In 1825, Lafayette was nicknamed the "Hero of Two Worlds" because of his involvement in both the American and French revolutions.


What was Lafayette's dream for France?

Lafayette dreamed of, yet was never able to fulfill, establishing a republic form of government in France.


Lafayette co-authored the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen with who's help?

Lafayette co-authored Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, similar to the U.S. Constitution, with the help of Thomas Jefferson. France's National Assembly passed it in August 1789.


True of false: In 1830, Lafayette turned down the offer to rule as dictator of France.

After King Charles X was forced to abdicate, Lafayette turned down dictatorship and instead supported Louis-Philippe to lead a constitutional monarchy.


Lafayette once gifted several French hounds to George Washington. When bred with Washington's English foxhounds, what new dog breed was born?

The American foxhound is the result of Lafayette's gift and Washington's desire for larger hunter dogs.


True or false: Lafayette was the first foreign dignitary to address the United States Congress.

Invited by President James Monroe in 1824, Lafayette addressed both houses of Congress and visited all 24 states.


How many people came to meet Lafayette when his ship docked in New York City in 1824?

About 80,000 people, two-thirds of New York City's population at the time, met their war hero at New York Harbor.


What was Lafayette paid by Congress for his "services rendered" during the American Revolution?

Lafayette was awarded $200,000 and land from the Louisiana Purchase.


Where did Lafayette die?

Lafayette died in Paris on May 20, 1834.


What type of funeral did President Andrew Jackson order Lafayette be given?

When news of Lafayette's death reached the United States, President Jackson ordered Lafayette be given the same funeral honors that George Washington had when he died in 1799.


What type of funeral was Lafayette given by the French government?

There was no public funeral for Lafayette because it was forbidden by the French government. He was buried, under guard, in Picpus Cemetery in Paris.


True or false: Lafayette is buried on both American and French soil.

When Lafayette was buried in in Picpus Cemetery in Paris in 1834, his son covered the coffin with soil taken from Bunker Hill.


When was Lafayette made an honorary U.S. citizen?

While Maryland gave honorary citizenship to Lafayette in 1784, it took until 2002 for Congress to confer U.S. citizenry on Lafayette.


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