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How well do you remember "Married... with Children?" Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

Love and marriage, love and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage... Well... usually, but that was not always the case with Al Bundy and his wife, Peggy. Al, a shoe salesman, and Peggy, a stay-at-home mom, were less about the cooperative side of love and marriage and more about the snarky relationship between the two. This was certainly no Cosby Show.

If you were "Married... with Children" fans, you are probably thrilled with the direction that the careers of Ed O'Neill (Al) and Katey Sagal (Peg) took. O'Neill moved on from the show to play the patriarch of the clan on "Modern Family," Jay Pritchett, and Sagal went on to play the matriarch of the family on "Sons of Anarchy," Gemma Teller Morrow. Both kept their careers on the move after "Married... with Children" ended.

The same can't really be said of Al and Peggy's kids, Kelly and Bud Bundy, played by Christina Applegate and David Faustino. Although they have remained busy, neither one has quite managed to sign on to a show that has had the same success of "Married... with Children."

Are you ready to test your "Married... with Children" knowledge? Let's get started.

Married With Children is a 1990s sitcom about this kind of family.

The show's creators wanted to do a sitcom that’s a complete opposite of the do-good sweet bonding family sitcoms popular in the ‘80s, hence this show.


The sitcom aired as the very first primetime TV series to air on this not-yet-too-popular network during the ‘90s.

Married With Children aired several times in a given week during its first few episodes in the new network.


Married With Children featured the lives of this family.

The Bundys were actually named after pro wrestler King Kong Bundy.


What is the name of the head of the Bundy family?

Al was played by Ed O’Neill.


Al works in what kind of company?

This job is not exactly Al’s dream job, but he gets by.


Al works in Gary’s Shoes as what?

In majority of the series, Al doesn’t get to meet his employer until towards the last few seasons.


Al got married to his high school girlfriend. What is her name?

Peggy was played by Katey Sagal.


What are Peggy Bundy’s daily activities?

Peggy is far from being domesticated, as evident in her home activities.


Peggy always has a handful of these nearby whenever she’s watching TV.

Peggy’s box of bonbons are ever-present whenever she watches Oprah or Donahue.


One physical characteristic identified with Peggy Bundy is this kind of hairdo.

Katey Sagal came up with this ‘do as she wanted to satirize housewives’ looks during the '60s.


What is the name of the only Bundy daughter?

Kelly was played by Christina Applegate.


What is Al’s term of endearment for her daughter Kelly?

Despite her bimbo appearance and attitude, Al is very protective of his daughter.


Kelly Bundy’s characterization represents this kind of female stereotype.

Kelly has some back story of being intelligent during her childhood, though, which sometimes appears in some episodes of her teen years.


What happens to promiscuous Kelly’s numerous boyfriends/boy toys whenever they encounter Al at home?

Usually, Al fakes friendliness towards the boys, and then leads them near the door, only to throw them out and shuts the door behind them.


What is the name of the only Bundy son?

Bud was played by David Faustino.


Bud was actually named after this, one of Al’s life favorites.

Al is often seen with a beer in hand while watching TV, so it’s no wonder that his son will be named after this beverage.


Since Bud is into rap music, he has this rapper alter ego. What is his rapper name?

Bud’s family often ridicules him and calls him Bed-wetter B instead.


What is the name of Bud’s other alter ego, the one he puts on when he wants to impress the girls?

Regardless of his Cool Bud image, his put-on suave persona isn’t so successful with the ladies.


What is the name of the Bundys’ next door neighbor, whom Peggy considers her best friend and Al treats as his enemy?

Marcy was played by Amanda Bearse.


In the first few seasons, Marcy is depicted as married to this guy.

Steve was played by David Garrison.


In the latter seasons, Marcy is depicted as married to this person, somewhat an anti-thesis of her former husband.

Jefferson was played by Ted McGinley.


Marcy works in this kind of industry.

Marcy once got into trouble with her bank for approving a loan for Al.


Being the neanderthal that he is, what is the acronym of Al’s anti-feminist group?

Al’s friends are also members of this organization.


The feminist Marcy also has a group that goes against Al’s NO MA’AM. What is its acronym?

Marcy’s group is more of an anti-macho male one than a feminist one, though.


What is the name of the Bundys’ first dog?

Buck the dog’s thoughts are often heard by the audience, providing another comedic thread to the show.


When Buck the Bundys’ dog died, he actually came back and was reincarnated in another dog. What is the name of the new dog?

It is said that Buck was reincarnated back to the Bundy family because of his previous wisecracks about them.


What is Al’s signature trademark whenever he sits on the couch to watch TV?

Al often dons this pose whenever watching his favorite TV show or John Wayne films.


Where do the Bundys live?

The Bundys live in a fictional suburb located within Chicago.


Marcy’s first husband, Steve, left her to work as a forest ranger in this popular nature sanctuary.

The Yosemite National Park is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Marcy’s newer husband, Jefferson, is handsome but terribly lazy and self-centered. In this sense, he is more close to the character of which Bundy family member?

Al and Jefferson eventually become friends, earning Marcy’s ire.


Al receives the shock of his life when he discovers this fact about his employer Gary.

Gary the female boss was played by Janet Carroll.


Who is this future Friends star who appeared in the show as Vinnie Verducci, one of Kelly’s boyfriends?

Matt also starred in the failed Married With Children spinoff shows.


What is the title of the show’s theme song?

Prior to being used in this show, the song was actually used in another TV show called Our Town.


“Love and Marriage” was sung by which legendary crooner?

The song was composed by Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen.


Married With Children is the longest-running sitcom on Fox. How many seasons did it have?

The show ran from 1987 to 1997.


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