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It may have been mostly about Alan Alda and Loretta Swit, but a host of supporting guest actors appeared on "M.A.S.H," some getting their break on this hit TV show. See if you know who shared scenes with Hawkeye, Maj. Houlihan and B. J. Hunnicutt.

This controversial stand-up comic played Cpl. Hrabosky, a drunken Marine, in season 11.

Andrew Dice Clay played Cpl. Hrabosky.


True or false: Blythe Danner guest starred as a nurse and past flame of Hawkeye Pierce.

Danner played Lt. Carlye Breslin, a new nurse assigned to the 4077th who used to date Hawkeye.


This New Yorker who later starred in "Good Morning, Vietnam" was in the pilot episode as Pvt. Lorenzo Boone.

Bruno Kirby had no lines in the pilot episode when he played Pvt. Lorenzo Boone.


This funny police captain played a colonel in the first season.

Leslie Nielsen played Col. Buzz Brighton in season one, a celebrated infantry commander who is tough and aggressive.


This Chicago barfly once played Pvt. LaRoche in a special Halloween episode.

Before he was ever Norm from "Cheers," George Wendt had a role on "M.A.S.H" as a private with a pool ball stuck in his mouth on Halloween.


What Academy Award-nominated actor guest starred as an old college pal of B. J. Hunnicutt?

Hollywood actor James Cromwell played Capt. Leo Bardonaro, B. J. Hunnicutt's college buddy who liked playing practical jokes.


This famous Hollywood director was 18 years old when he guest starred as a 15-year-old private.

Ron Howard played an underage Pvt. Wendell in the "Sometimes You Hear the Bullet" episode.


What other actor from "Cheers" appeared on "M.A.S.H"?

Shelley Long made a guest appearance as nurse Mendenhall in season nine.


True or false: Pat Morita appeared as Capt. Sam Pak, a South Korean army surgeon and friend of the surgeons.

Morita played Capt. Pak in two episodes of season two.


This actor played a shell-shocked soldier who holds Frank at gunpoint in the shower.

John Ritter guest starred as Pvt. Carter, a shell-shocked soldier who holds Frank at gunpoint, refusing to go back to the front lines.


What "Deliverance" star played Col. Hollister in season four?

"Deliverance" and "Superman" star Ned Beatty played Col. Hollister.


This hunky actor also known for being a good dancer got his third acting credit on "M.A.S.H."

A young Patrick Swayze's third acting gig was as Pvt. Gary Sturgis in season nine.


True or false: Rita Wilson was a nurse in two separate seasons of "M.A.S.H."

She played a nurse in seasons 10 and 11.


True or false: The decision to end the series was determined by a vote by the show's cast members.

Cast members who voted in favor of continuing the series were the ones subsequently featured on the short-lived spinoff "AfterMASH."


What "Apocalypse Now" actor also guest starred as a corporal in season 10?

Laurence Fishburne played the wounded Cpl. Dorsey in episode 14 of season 10.


What Emmy Award-winning actor appeared as Maj. Reddish in the series' final season?

Thirty-three years before he won an Emmy for outstanding lead actor in a comedy series, Jeffrey played Maj. Reddish in the final season.


This hilarious star of "Mr. Mom" also had a guest role in season two of "M.A.S.H".

Teri Garr played Lt. Suzanne Marquette in season two.


What Japanese-American actor appeared in four episodes of "M.A.S.H"?

Clyde Kusatsu acted in a total of four episodes of "M.A.S.H": two in season three, one in season eight and one in season 11.


True or false: Mary Kay Place, who wrote scripts for "M.A.S.H" and was nominated for an Emmy for best writing in comedy in 1974, also guest starred on the show as a nurse.

Mary Kay Place played Lt. Louise Simmons, an intellectual yet introverted nurse Radar falls for.


This actor, best known for her role on "Dallas," guest starred on "M.A.S.H" on season two.

Joan Van Ark made a guest appearance as Lt. Erica Johnson.


Which Andy Griffith alum played surgeon and Capt. Roy DuPree in season six?

George Lindsey appeared as Capt. Roy DuPree, the boorish surgeon from the 8063rd MASH temporarily assigned to the 4077th.


Actress Mariette Hartley played what visiting Swedish surgeon?

Hartley played Dr. Inga Halvorsen in season seven.


What veteran actress played Col. Marion Reese?

Mary Wickes played Col. Reese, who comes on to Frank Burns and cries rape when they are caught by Maj. Houlihan.


True or false: Before being cast as Gen. Sherman T. Potter, Harry Morgan had a one-time appearance as Maj. Gen. Bartford Hamilton Steele.

Morgan was later cast as Sherman Potter and won an Emmy for his role on the show.


What actor played the role of anesthetist Capt. John "Ugly John" Black in the earlier episodes of "M.A.S.H"?

John Orchard played Capt. John Black for 11 episodes in season one.


True or false: Richard Lee-Sung had several roles in 11 episodes of "M.A.S.H."

Lee-Sung made many appearances in seasons two through 10, including one of several Koreans all named Kim Luc in season two.


Who played Klinger's love interest in the final two episodes of the series?

Rosalind Chao played the part of Soon-Lee Klinger in the final two episodes of "M.A.S.H."


True or false: The title of the series finale was "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen."

The episode "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" aired on Feb. 28, 1983.


How many viewers tuned in to watch the series finale of "M.A.S.H"?

More than 125 million people watched the series finale of "M.A.S.H."


True or false: The series finale of "M.A.S.H" is still the highest rated nonsports American broadcast of all time.

The series finale is still the most-watched American broadcast show of all time.


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