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The hilarious hijinks of these military surgeons became the stuff of legend, but their lives were often tinged by the sadness and tragedy of war. How much do know about M.A.S.H?

The MASH phenomenon began with what?

It was titled "MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors," by Richard Hooker.


What was Richard Hooker's occupation prior to writing the book about MASH?

His book captured the insanity of operating rooms on the front lines of a war.


How many sequels were there to the original MASH book?

Most were written by William E. Butterworth, and the tone was typically lighter and funnier than the original.


In what year is MASH (the film) set?

It was set in the year after the onset of the Korean War.


Which actor plays Hawkeye in the MASH film?

You may know him as President Snow from the "Hunger Games" movies.


What was the budget for the MASH movie?

It was a shoestring budget for a critically-acclaimed movie that made more than $60 million.


How many Academy Award nominations did the MASH film receive?

It won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.


What was the name of the song used for both the film and the TV show?

The song's tone and theme perfectly matched the show's black humor.


Who wrote the lyrics for "Suicide is Painless?"

He was the teenage son of the film's director, Robert Altman.


Why did Robert Altman ask his son to write the lyrics for the film's theme song?

He didn't think he could create lyrics dumb enough for his purposes so he told his son to write the lyrics.


How many spinoffs (total) emerged from the TV series?

They were "AfterMash," "Trapper John, M.D." and "W.A.L.T.E.R.," which had a failed pilot episode.


Hawkeye's character is NOT referred to as once married in which version of MASH?

In both the book and TV show there are references to a marriage; in the TV show there is not.


Who plays the role of Duke Forrest in the MASH movie?

He arrives to the MASH unit in a stolen Jeep.


Who does BJ Hunnicutt replace during the course of the TV series?

He immediately becomes fast friends with Hawkeye.


Why did CBS reject one episode of the TV show?

The episode was considered too unpatriotic for CBS.


What was the MASH spinoff TV series called?

Even the name was horrible; it is regarded as one of the worst ideas in TV history.


How many episodes of "AfterMASH" aired on TV?

It was about 31 too many; critics lambasted the entire concept from the outset.


In which country does "AfterMASH" take place?

Much of the action occurs at a VA hospital in the States.


From which state does Hawkeye Pierce hail?

He frequently yearns to return to the peace of Crabapple Cove.


In which war did director Robert Altman serve?

His military experiences helped add realism to scenes in the MASH movie.


In which branch of the military did Alan Alda serve?

He served six months in the Korean War.


How long did it take Larry Gelbart to adapt the movie to a pilot episode for TV?

He was paid $25,000 for the gig, which led to many more successes.


What scenes were nearly edited out of the movie?

They were considered to be too gory for some people, but their realism was important to the movie's theme.


Which character was the only one to appear in all 256 episodes of the TV show?

And Alan Alda, of course, was the only actor to play Hawkeye.


McLean Stevenson originally auditioned for which part?

Instead, he wound up as Lt. Col. Blake, who wore a hat adorned with fishing lures.


Tom Skerritt said that about what percentage of the film's dialogue was improvised?

The freewheeling acting was intentional, meant to recall the chaos and ominous hilarity of the book.


MASH (the movie) is regarded as one of the first Hollywood movies to use which vulgar word?

It was an improvised line but it made it through the final stages of editing.


How is Henry Blake's character written out of the TV show at the end of the third season?

His tragic end hits the other MASH characters very hard.


In the movie, which actor played Trapper John McIntyre?

He also starred in two other Altman-directed movies, "California Split" and "The Long Goodbye."


Who replaces the character of Lt. Col. Henry Blake?

His style of leadership has a harder edge than Blake's, but it doesn't put a damper on the camp's crazy behavior.


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