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The United States of America has such a rich history, a resilient present, and a bright future! When was the last time you took stock in some state facts? Well, now is your chance! This quiz reveals awesome truths about America's territories. How many questions can you figure out?

Do you know all of your state capitals? Are your years of statehood in order? Can you immediately match a state flag to its corresponding state? We cover these topics and so much more in this U.S. geography test. And what state-facts test would be right without mentioning the major wars that helped to form America's boundaries and solidify its politics? We review a few Civil War battles. In what part of the country would those most likely have occurred? As you shall soon see, some states were more internally harmonious than others during such a turbulent time. 

Landscapes, landmarks, tourist locales, state schools and state policies are all fair game in this mental workout. Look for cool hints in a few questions here and there, but you probably won't need much help mastering our quiz designed especially for you. Shall we begin? Scroll on!

Which U.S. state was admitted to the Union on June 15, 1836?

On June 15, 1836, Arkansas was the 25th state admitted to the Union . Arkansas became a territory in 1819. The state was part of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803.


Which U.S. state's tricolor flag is patterned after the flag of France?

Iowa's state flag includes three vertical colors: blue, white and red, in reference to the state's history as a French territory. The U.S. national bird, the bald eagle, is depicted carrying a blue banner on the flag's white band.


Which state's flourishing citrus fruit industry began in the 1830s?

Many people, including Louisianians, are unaware that Louisiana enjoys a successful commercial production of citrus fruit. Although the state's yearly citrus fruit output is substantial, it pales in comparison to that of California and Florida, which are the U.S. states most renowned for citrus fruit crops.


In which state did the Civil War battles at Antietam Creek and South Mountain take place?

Even areas of Maryland that were not engaged in battle were left ransacked during the Civil War. Confederate and Union Army men often pillaged the towns they entered and put a considerable strain on Maryland's water supply.


Which state has the highest poverty rate in America?

Based on U.S. Census data from 2014 and 2016, at least 20 percent of citizens in Mississippi are in poverty. The 2017 year census data revealed a per capita income in the state of $22,500.


Critical ornithological work began around 1804 in which U.S. state?

American frontiersmen Lewis and Clark not only blazed trails across America, the two were responsible for sparking a serious study of birds in Nebraska. Cataloging commenced during voyages the two men led between 1804 and 1806 through the Missouri River.


You'll find Kay County's 101 Ranch in which U.S. state?

Known as "Miller Brothers 101 Ranch" in Kay County, Oklahoma, the 110,000-acre historic district was a cattle ranch before Oklahoma was admitted to the Union. Colonel George W. Miller founded the ranch in 1893.


Which state was the first home of anti-slavery crusaders Sarah and Angelina Grimke?

Sarah and Angelina Grimke were daughters of a wealthy aristocratic judge and plantation owner in South Carolina during the 19th century. First Sarah, then Angelina, ventured north to more socially progressive cities, like Philadelphia, so they could better orchestrate a more organized protest of the American slavery system.


In which state will you find the Deep Ellum district?

Dallas's Deep Ellum district has been a thriving arts and entertainment locale for many years. In the early 1900s, the area was where many blues artists, such as T-Bone Walker and Blind Lemon Jefferson, honed their skills.


Which state boasts a remarkably large population of Mormons?

The "Industry" state of Utah has the highest percentage of Mormons, or Latter-day Saints, than any other U.S. state. Between 55 and 62 percent of Utah's residents claim the faith as their own.


During the late 19th and early 20 centuries, which Great Plains state experienced a significant influx of Chinese immigrants?

Chinese immigrants contributed greatly to the social fabric of the American West in spite of great odds that many faced. Few people have heard about female Butte, Montana, resident and Chinese immigrant Wo Hop, who was required to carry immigration papers with her at all times during the late 19th century.


Which state earned U.S. statehood in 1876?

Before American settlers arrived in Colorado, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians vastly inhabited the region. Gold mining enticed many early pioneers to settle the territory.


The Battle of Alamance was fought in which U.S. state?

From 1765 to 1771, American colonists quarreled with royal authority during the Regulation Movement that occurred in North Carolina. The movement prompted the Battle of Alamance, which was a precursor to the American Revolutionary War.


Which U.S. state relied mostly on federal funding, rather than industry during its inception?

Wyoming earned statehood in 1890 and struggled to thrive during its early development. Water irrigation subsidies as well as patronage dollars greatly assisted the state in establishing a substantial economic infrastructure.


Which state was a territory of Mexico between 1821 and 1848?

Arizona was part of the New Mexico Territory after 1850. The state was marked as Confederate territory during the first few months of 1862.


The history of which southeastern U.S. state can be traced as far back as 10,000 B.C.?

Found items, such as baked clay and stone objects, left by Indians in Georgia predate the arrival of the first European settlers by thousands of years. The official names of the first people in the state are unknown, and these peoples did not leave behind a systematic language that can be understood.


During the early 19th century, Raft River, located in which state, funneled muddy waters rather than the clear shallow waters that run through the small stream today?

Raft River extends approximately 65 miles in length in southern Idaho's Cassia County. Early trappers in the region experienced much difficulty trying to cross the stream. The river was likely named for the method travelers relied on in order to cross it.


Can you name the Midwest state that pioneered cottage laws early on for its food merchants?

Cottage laws allow food sellers to use unlicensed means to manufacture and sell their goods. Bakers, home cooks and other food crafstspeople flock to Ohio's many farmer's markets to develop their businesses.


Known for its rich maritime history, Narragansett Bay is located in which New England state?

There is more coastal area relative to state size in Rhode Island than in any of the other contiguous U.S. states. Rhode Island's flag and state seal display single gold maritime anchors.


Which state serves as a midway point between New York City and the District of Columbia?

Businesses based in Delaware are within close proximity to both the financial power of New York City and the political might of Washington D.C. The business-friendly state is referred to as the "corporation capital of the world." More companies have incorporated in Delaware than in any other jurisdiction.


Grain Belt Premium beer originated in which U.S. state?

In the mid-1800s, German immigrant John Orth set up a small brewery at the corner of Twelfth Street and Marshall Avenue in the city of St. Anthony, Minnesota, a Minneapolis area which has been dubbed "Nordeast." Orth's brewery triggered the rise of multiple breweries that contributed to the creation of Grain Belt Premium, Minnesota's signature beer.


Which was the 30th U.S. state to be admitted into the Union?

On May 29, 1848, Wisconsin became the 30th U.S. state. The state's name is Algonquin in origin. Wisconsin has preserved a wide range of Native American Indian languages, including the Algonquian languages, Menominee and Ojibwe.


Which is the only U.S. state that contains arctic lands?

Alaska is the least populated of all states, even though it is the largest. The state is one-fifth the area of the contiguous U.S. states combined, roughly 1.5 million square kilometers.


In which east coast state was there a major center of trade during the early 19th century?

The West Indies had reigned as a colossal trading hub for 150 years until the early 19th century. Major trading activity in the region shifted to the Connecticut River Valley for a time thereafter.


The city of Laconia, in which U.S. state, was a prime production center for knits, socks and seamless hosiery during the 19th century?

Laconia's factories manufactured socks for the Union Army during the Civil War. From the mid-19th century until the early 20th century, the production of locomotives and other transport vehicles was Laconia's biggest industry.


The first Japanese immigrants arrived in which northwestern state in 1880?

Miyo Iwakoshi and her family emigrated to Oregon in 1880. Iwakoshi and her husband, Australian Andrew McKinnon, her brother, and adopted daughter settled around the town of Gresham, where McKinnon started a sawmill named "Orient."


Poet Gwendolyn Brooks and Hollywood actress Kirstie Alley were born in which U.S. state?

The landscape of Kansas consists mainly of sedimentary rock that was deposited by oceans and rivers over many years. Today, massive sandstone, limestone and shale rock structures are the culmination of these deposits.


There are four species of fox that roam the various habitats of which southwestern U.S. state?

The swift fox roams the prairie grasslands east of the Pecos River, and west of the Pecos River the kit fox claims the desert region. The red fox dominates the entire state, cropland regions, in particular. The gray fox also wanders throughout the state, but prefers rocky and woodsy habitats.


During the Civil War, which Confederate state was the most stable politically?

During the Civil War, Virginia's political figures agreed on most issues, unlike most other states in the Confederation. It was only after the war that disagreements over paper currency divided the Virginia legislature.


Which U.S. state has jurisdiction over the Great Lakes?

The Great Lakes of Michigan constitute approximately 20 percent of the world's freshwater reserves. The shoreline of the Great Lakes measures beyond 6,000 kilometers.


Several locations in which west coast state get their names from "abalone," a type of shellfish?

Abalone Cove Shoreline Park is an oceanfront park near Long Beach in Southern California. "Abalone Point" exists in Northern California as a park in Westport-Union Landing State Beach, and as a cape on Santa Catalina Island in Southern California.


Which of these U.S. states has a city that shares the same name with major city in Egypt?

Cairo, Illinois, is situated at the southernmost edge of the state. The Mississippi and Ohio Rivers converge at the city's southeast edge.


In 1946, Bugsy Siegel's Flamingo Hotel and Casino sparked a flood of much bigger and glitzier versions in which state?

Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel was a mobster from Brooklyn, New York, who financed the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1946. It wasn't until the 1970s that the Nevada city began gaining renown as an incredibly-constructed gambling destination.


In the 1960s, which state was dethroned as the most populous state?

Decades after the American Revolutionary War, the communities of New York swelled faster than the national average. At the end of the surge, its population grew to 1,372,812 from 340,120. In the 1960s, California supplanted New York as America's most populous state.


Which U.S. state has one of the least populated capital cities in the country?

Montpelier is the capital of Vermont. The city's population in 2017 was barely 7,500. Government and tourism are the city's main industries.


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