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Maternity leave is an important time for mothers to bond with their newborns and get into the swing of motherhood. While many companies offer some type of leave, it can vary quite a bit from company to company. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of maternity leave!

All employers in the U.S. are required to offer at least 60 percent pay for new mothers on maternity leave.

While the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) gives new moms in companies with 50 or more employees up to 12 weeks of guaranteed leave, your leave could be entirely unpaid.


Maternity leave is a breeze. Get ready for a nice, extended vacation while you bond with your newborn!

Of course, those first weeks with your baby are magical, but they're also far from easy. Brace yourself for late-night feedings and moments of panic as you sort out everything from diaper changes to trips to the grocery store.


Leaning on friends and family for help is critical during your maternity leave.

While you might feel like your maternal instincts should kick in and make adjusting to motherhood a breeze, it's OK to ask for help! Your loved ones want to be part of this experience, and asking your best friend to pick up some groceries or your mom to change the baby can help keep you from exhausting yourself trying to do it all.


Hurrah! Now that you've had your baby, you can say goodbye to those pesky mood swings that you experienced while you were pregnant.

Those hormone-induced mood swings may be ending, but get ready for sleep deprivation and adapting to a whole new routine.


You can leave work behind while you're on maternity leave.

While ideally this is a time to connect with your child, work still goes on. If you have a lot of responsibilities in the office, your boss or coworkers may occasionally have to contact you with questions while you're out. Planning ahead before you take your leave can help minimize this, but be prepared for at least a few e-mails or phone calls.


If you have twins, you're eligible for an extended maternity leave.

While some employers might be open to offering more time if you have twins, there's no law requiring extra maternity leave for multiple births.


Maternity leave is primarily about bonding with your new baby.

While it might seem like you're spending more time learning about breast pumps and diaper changes than connecting with your newborn, maternity leave is ultimately a bonding period between you and your little one. Don't forget to take time to enjoy it!


Adoptive parents are eligible for FMLA benefits.

The FMLA gives adoptive parents the same rights as any other new parents. You'll definitely want to check with your employer, though, because other policies might vary for adoptive parents.


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