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The adventures of Neo take him in and out of reality and illusion. How much do know about "The Matrix" trilogy?

In what year did the first "Matrix" movie hit theaters?

It pulled in around $460 million at the box office.


Who wrote "The Matrix?"

Larry and Andrew are both now openly transgender women who go by the names Lana and Lilly; they also directed the movie.


Why didn't the studio want the Wachowskis to direct the first "Matrix" movie?

To prove their skills, they created a thriller called "Bound," which received positive reviews.


"The Matrix" was originally supposed to be realized in which format?

The Wachowski brothers had previously written comics for Marvel.


What is Thomas Anderson's occupation before his adventures begin?

But he also does a lot of illegal hacking on the side.


Which pill does Anderson take?

The drug opens his mind to reality and leads to his transformation into Neo.


In "The Matrix Reloaded," the Oracle tells Neo that to get to the Source of the Matrix, he must first find what?

The Keymaker turns out to be a computer program visually represented by an elderly man.


Where was "The Matrix" filmed?

Lower taxes were a major factor in determining the shooting location.


The Oracle gives what baked good to Neo?

She offers him candy at one point, too; he refuses it


What was the budget for the first "Matrix" film?

For an untested pair of directors, it was a lot of money to play with.


What was the approximate budget for "The Matrix Reloaded"?

The success of the first movie gave the studio confidence that the money would be a good investment; the movie earned more than $740 million.


Seraph is the guardian of which character?

You have to get through him in order to see the Oracle.


After "The Matrix Reloaded," was released, how long did it take for the studio to launch "The Matrix Revolutions?"

Fans didn't have to wait long to see how the trilogy played out.


In "The Matrix Reloaded," the Merovingian is also known as what?

The Merovingian holds the Keymaker captive.


Which actor turned down the part of Neo?

Nicholas Cage, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and other big names were also considered for the role.


Who turned down the part of Morpheus?

Instead, the famous role went to Laurence Fishburne, who knocked it out of the park.


Why did Will Smith later say he turned down the role of Neo?

He also said that he though he would have messed up the movie if he had taken the gig.


Over how much time does the first "Matrix" film span?

Over the course of that time, Neo goes from office drone to ultimate hero.


In Greek mythology, Morpheus is what kind of god?

Every part of "The Matrix" is grounded in some sort of symbolism.


How many Oscar awards did "The Matrix" win?

It faced off with "The Phantom Menace" and won Best Visual Effects, Best Editing, as well as Best Sound Editing and Best Sound.


Each scene that happens in the computer world is tinted which color by the filmmakers?

Those scenes that happen in the "real" world are tinted blue.


In one of the final fight scenes of the trilogy, the rain drops are also what?

The code symbolizes the unraveling of the Matrix.


Why was Keanu Reeves in a neck brace while training for "The Matrix?"

The brace slowed him down but didn't stop him from mastering Neo's skills.


Why did the directors want to shoot exterior scenes in Oakland, Calif., during the winter instead of summer?

The bleak world needed to be as bleak as possible.


How much money did the first scene of "The Matrix" cost?

The Wachowskis leveraged the scene's awesomeness to ask for more money to make the rest of the film.


Why does Keanu Reeves thumb his nose before a fight scene with Morpheus?

Reeves made up this part on his own; the late kung fu master Bruce Lee often performed a similar gesture.


How long did the primary actors have to train for fight scenes?

The Wachowskis wanted all of the lead actors to do the work, not stunt doubles.


How many automobiles did the film crew wreck during shooting?

Luckily for the film's budget, GM donated the cars.


How long did it take to film the highway chase scene in "The Matrix Reloaded?"

An incredible amount of work went into this single scene.


What percentage of the three-minute lobby gunfight in "The Matrix" was computer-generated, as opposed to real effects?

It took a week and a half to film the scene using old-school technology instead of computer graphics.


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