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While most people want a spacious home, not everyone can afford that space. But that doesn't mean that you have to suffer in cramped quarters. Take this quiz to see how much you've learned about how to make your room feel roomier than it actually is.

What type of color scheme can make a small room seem larger?

Light colors reflect the available light in the room, making it seem larger.


What shades of colors should you use for accessories in your room if you want it to feel larger?

By not breaking up the space and helping everything blend smoothly, using accent pieces in similar colors to that of the walls will help make the room feel larger.


What type of wall hanging can make your room seem larger?

One large picture hanging alone makes a room feel larger due to the blank wall space around it.


What type of wall covering best creates the illusion of space?

Mirrors are the most effective at increasing the apparent size of a room, since they literally extend the visual sight lines.


How do accent pieces in a room affect the way the room feels?

Clutter -- whether a simple mess or a collection of placed accessories -- makes the room seem crowded.


What should you keep in mind when decorating with patterns, if you want your room to seem larger?

Patterns are fine, but using a similar type of pattern throughout the room will work in a similar way to using a single color scheme.


What is an example of an "open arrangement" of furniture?

By maintaining flexibility in your furniture arrangement you can maximize your usage of available space when certain pieces are not needed.


What type of furniture is especially useful for maximizing the space in your room?

By using furniture that is expandable, such as a table that folds away, you can save space when the furniture is not in use.


Tables made of what material add the illusion of size to a room?

Due to their transparency, glass tables do not visually break up the space in the room. This creates an illusion of size.


What design principle is universal in adding a spacious feel to a room?

In terms of color, patterns, furniture size and room layout, balance is the most significant factor that can make a room feel large or small.


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