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Humphrey Bogart was in his 40s and married to his third wife when he met the young ingenue, Lauren Bacall, and fell head over heels. Before their second film hit theaters, the pair would wed, resulting in chemistry that leaps off the screen and one of the few Hollywood love stories that endured for decades. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the famous Bogie and Bacall movie pairings!

How many films did Bogie and Bacall star in together?

Film legends and married couple Bogie and Bacall starred in just four films together, starting with "To Have and Have Not" in 1944 and ending with "Key Largo" in 1948.


True or false: The couple co-starred in "Casablanca."

"Casablanca" was one of Humphrey Bogart's biggest films, but it was Ingrid Bergman, not Lauren Bacall, who played the role of Ilsa.


How old was Bacall when she met Bogart?

Bacall was just 19 when she met Bogart, who was 25 years older than her and married to his third wife at the time. Despite the odds, the couple married in 1945 and remained together until his death.


What author wrote the book that inspired "To Have and Have Not"?

Bogie and Bacall's first film together was inspired by Ernest Hemingway's 1937 novel, though the story was changed dramatically for the big screen.


Which of these Bogie and Bacall flicks was based on a Raymond Chandler novel?

The second film that the couple made together, "The Big Sleep," was inspired by a Raymond Chandler novel. Like their first film as a couple, "The Big Sleep" was directed by Howard Hawks.


Which of the four Bogie and Bacall films doesn't show Bogart's face until the movie is half over?

In the 1947 movie, "Dark Passage," you don't see Bogart's face until halfway through the film, after the character has had plastic surgery to conceal his true identity.


True or false: "Key Largo" was inspired by a play.

The final Bogie and Bacall movie, "Key Largo," was inspired by a 1939 Maxwell Anderson play, which ran for more than 100 performances on Broadway.


What little trick does Bacall teach Bogie in "To Have and Have Not," in one of the most sultry lines in movie history?

It's hard to believe Lauren Bacall was just 19 years old and acting in her first film when she uttered her most famous line, "You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow."


What did Bogie's character call Bacall in "To Have and Have Not?"

Bogie played Harry Morgan, but Bacall's character referred to him as Steve. She played Marie Browning, and he affectionately called her Slim.


Where does "To Have and Have Not" take place?

The film was released in the early days of WWII and took place in Martinique, which was largely controlled by the Germans after the French government had been overthrown. The movie highlights some of the French resistance fighting taking place at the time.


What did Harry Morgan do for a living in "To Have or Have Not?

Morgan ran a small fishing boat charter. As a boat owner, he spent plenty of time fending off requests from resistance sympathizers who needed his help with smuggling people or goods.


What animal does Eddie, the first mate, fear the most?

Steve's first mate Eddie, who is of little help on the boat because he is a serious drunk, spends a lot of time asking other characters in "To Have and Have Not" whether they've ever been bitten by a dead bee.


True or false: Bacall does her own singing in "To Have and Have Not."

That deep voice is really Bacall's, who crooned "How Little We Know" and "Am I Blue" in the film.


What does Slim ask Steve for when they first speak in "To Have and Have Not?"

Slim introduces herself to Steve by asking if he has a match. The next time they meet, he is restraining her after she steals a wallet from Steve's client, who owes him money.


What is the name of Bogart's character in "The Big Sleep?"

Bogart plays private investigator Philip Marlowe in the 1946 film, "The Big Sleep." The classic detective story is based on a novel by Raymond Chandler, who featured Marlowe in several novels and stories.


What is the name of Bacall's character in "The Big Sleep"?

Bacall plays heiress Vivian Sternwood, who spends much of her time trying to rescue her little sister Carmen from trouble -- with Marlowe's help, of course.


What are the Sternwoods being blackmailed about?

Mr. Sternwood calls in Marlowe to help the family deal with a gambling incident, and he also aids in a blackmail case where someone holds obscene pictures of younger daughter Carmen.


What business serves as a front for the gambling ring in "The Big Sleep"?

The gambling ring that Carmen Sternwood is entangled in is covered up by a bookstore owned by Arthur Geiger -- who eventually turns up dead, giving Marlowe yet another case to solve.


What subject do Bogie and Bacall share a racy conversation about in "The Big Sleep"?

In a double-entendre-packed scene intended to mimic the whistling line from "To Have and Have Not," Bogie and Bacall share a sultry conversation about horse racing in "The Big Sleep."


True or false: Bogie and Bacall don't have a romantic relationship in "The Big Sleep."

Bacall's character is divorced in the film, and she doesn't hesitate to kiss Bogart's character when she helps rescue him from the bad guys. By the end of the film, it's clear that the two are an item.


Bogie played which character in "Dark Passage"?

In the 1947 film, "Dark Passage," Bogie plays a prisoner named Vincent Parry, who escapes from San Quentin after he is falsely accused of killing his wife.


What is the name of Lauren Bacall's character in "Dark Passage"?

Bacall plays a woman named Irene Jansen, who helps Vincent Parry during his escape, and later lets him recover in her apartment after he has plastic surgery to change his face.


What item is used to murder Parry's buddy George in "Dark Passage"?

Musician George is killed with his own trumpet and Parry's prints are found on the instrument, leading him to fear that someone is framing him for murder.


Who is the killer in "Dark Passage"?

It's Vincent's former lover Madge -- played by Agnes Moorehead -- who killed both his wife and his friend George. After Madge is accidentally killed, Parry knows he has to go on the run to avoid going to jail for murder.


True or false: Bogie and Bacall's characters wind up together at the end of "Dark Passage."

What's a Bogie and Bacall film without a little romance? The couple ends up together at the end of "Dark Passage," when viewers see that Parry has escaped to South America and taken Irene with him.


Where does "Key Largo" take place?

In their final film together, Bogie and Bacall co-star in "Key Largo," which is set in a Florida hotel. Bogie plays former Army agent Frank McCloud, who visits the hotel after the death of his military buddy George.


True or false: Bacall plays Bogie's wife in "Key Largo."

Bacall stars as Nora Temple, widow of Frank's deceased Army buddy, George. She helps her father-in-law run a Key Largo hotel.


Who plays James Temple in "Key Largo"?

It's the legendary actor Lionel Barrymore who stars as James, father-in-law to Nora and owner of the hotel.


Where does gangster Johnny Rocco force Frank to take him and his gang?

Frank and Nora learn that the guests in the hotel are part of Johnny Rocco's gang. Rocco forces Frank onto a boat, where he will drop the gang off in Cuba.


True or false: Bogie dies at the end of "Key Largo."

If you've seen his films, you know that Bogie almost always plays the hero. He triumphs once again, killing the entire gang -- including Johnny Rocco, played by Edward G. Robinson -- then returns to Key Largo and Nora.


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