Men: Which Hairstyle Is Best For You?

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It's 2018, and now men have just as many options as women when it comes to hairstyles. There's absolutely nothing a man can do with his hair today that'll seem unacceptable; just about every culture in the world will accept the manly hairdos that exist today. But if you aren't sure which one is for you, this quiz will definitely help you out!

Should you get a man bun? It's pretty stylish, but not every man on the planet can pull it off. Are you stylish enough to make it work? Or should you get a pompadour? It takes a lot to get this perfect, but once it's there, it looks stunning. Is it for you? What about the mohawk? It's only for the adventurous and those who don't care what others have to say about them. Are you one of those guys? Or should you rock a fade? Just about any guy can make this one work. It's an oldie, but definite goldie. 

So should you just stick to what you know? If you're struggling (and we can tell that you are), to find the right hairstyle to fit your chiseled or chubby face, take this quiz. It'll let you know which cut or style is best for you! 

What color are your eyes?

In comparison to the rest of your body, your head is....

What's your natural hair texture?

How much time do you want to spend doing your hair on a morning?

How long is your hair right now?

How often do you trim/cut your hair?

What's the best thing about your hair in its current state?

Which of these do you put into your hair every day?

Do you spend lots of money on your hair?

What kind of guy are you?

Which celebrity would you say is most like you?

What's the first thing you do on a morning?

What kind of sunglasses fits your face the best?

What do you like reading?

What are Friday nights for?

What's the perfect first date?

How often do you wash your hair?

If someone complimented you, how would you react?

How do you handle change?

How do your friends see you?

How versatile do you want the style to be?

In your group of friends, you're the ...

Forget about your hair, how long does it take you to get ready?

What's your favorite kind of chocolate?

What color is closest to your hair?

Which word best describes your sense of style?

What's the one accessory you never leave your home without?

And what's your favorite way to say good-bye?

What's your current relationship status?

What would you say your head shape is like?

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