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Mental disorders affect millions of people around the world. How much do you know about psychological disorders? Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

What is the DSM?

It is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and it provides standards for classifying mental problems.


In 2013, what were the two most common mental disorders in the United States?

Some 44 million people in the country were hindered by mental illness that year.


In developed countries, about what percentage of the population may have a mental disorder at any given time?

About 20 percent of people may have a mental disorder. That includes everything from depression to attention deficit disorder to anxiety.


When diagnosing a mental illness, doctors must always be sure to account for what?

Some behaviors that seem abnormal in one culture are totally normal in others.


True or false: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is usually diagnosed in adulthood.

ADHD is usually diagnosed in childhood and often lasts into adulthood.


How does the DSM classify political terrorism?

Socially deviant behaviors are not considered a type of mental illness.


What is one sign of a borderline personality disorder?

Extreme reactions can be a sign of a personality disorder. Affected people may have unstable lives that sometimes end in suicide.


About how many mental disorders are listed in the DSM?

About 300 disorders are listed in the DSM. With each edition, disorders are reclassified, merged and sometimes removed.


Around the world, about how many people may depression affect?

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses — it affects about 400 million people.


What is the name of the World Health Organization's manual of mental disorders?

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is the international version of the DSM and is created by American mental health professionals.


If you experience extreme detachment from yourself or your body, what might be affecting you?

Traumatic events are sometimes blamed for the kind of disconnection that occurs in depersonalization disorder.


About what percentage of the world's population suffers from bipolar disorder?

About 2 percent of the population has bipolar disorder. It's similar to the number of people who have schizophrenia.


What is a factitious disorder?

Manipulative people might fake a disorder to get what they want from others.


If you have an inflated sense of your own importance, you may have which disorder?

People with narcissistic personality disorder need constant approval yet have very little empathy for others.


About how many people suffer from schizophrenia worldwide?

About 20 million people have schizophrenia, which probably results from a blend of hereditary and environmental variables.


What is unipolar depression?

Some people call this severe type of depression clinical or major depression.


What does PTSD stand for?

Combat soldiers and survivors of violent events often exhibit signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.


If you have agoraphobia, you are afraid of what?

People with agoraphobia might lock themselves in their homes for months at a time.


Which eating disorder includes overconsumption of food followed by forced vomiting?

The cycle of overeating and guilt may affect a person with bulimia for years.


If you have symptoms such as blindness or numbness not caused by a physical problem, you might be suffering from which disorder?

In conversion disorder, extreme mental distress can manifest physical symptoms.


At any given time, about how many Americans are taking prescription antidepressants?

About 10 percent of Americans take antidepressants. This class of drugs is a common one for mood disorders.


What is a symptom of Othello syndrome?

People who are affected by this syndrome have delusional jealousy that hampers their lives.


Which category of disorders may include symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations?

Schizophrenia and extreme bipolar disorder are two examples of psychotic disorders.


Which disorder is highlighted by manipulative behavior that ignores consequences or the well-being of other people?

Sometimes the words "sociopath" or "psychopath" are used (with varying degrees of accuracy) to describe people with antisocial personality disorder.


If you have a hard time dealing with life changes for months on end, a therapist might diagnosis you with what?

Fortunately, most people can recover from adjustment disorders after the source of the stress is eliminated from their lives.


Which disorder was previously referred to as "manic depressive disorder"?

Bipolar disorder includes symptoms such as enormous mood swings that may last for weeks or years.


True or false: Schizophrenia can't be cured.

Schizophrenia is a chronic disorder that can't be cured but can be treated.


Which disorder might be highlighted by a behavior such as ceaseless handwashing?

The obsessive thoughts lead to compulsive, repetitive actions that may make life very difficult.


Which of the following is NOT typically a symptom of anorexia nervosa?

Anorexia is characterized by refusal to eat, extreme weight loss and sometimes binge eating.


What is cyclothymia?

Cyclothymia is a mood disorder that causes emotional shifts. It may affect around 1 percent of the American population.


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