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White pants and Armani jackets have never looked so great on cops. How much do you remember about "Miami Vice"? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz!

Where did producers originally plan to do all of the filming for "Miami Vice"?

The original idea was to shoot in Los Angeles and make it look like Miami. In the end, most of the shooting actually happened in Florida.


What's the name of the actor who plays Ricardo Tubbs?

Philip Michael Thomas hit the big time with "Miami Vice," and then went on to star in commercials for psychics.


What is "Sonny" Crockett's first name?

James "Sonny" Crockett is played by Don Johnson, who became permanently linked to the character.


What's the name of the character who has a brief romance with Sonny?

Gina Calabrese is a detective in the department who has a thing for Sonny. In the end, though, they wind up as just friends.


Producer Michael Mann prohibited the use of which colors during filming?

Mann had a very specific -- and very pastel -- color scheme that he maintained throughout filming in order to evoke a certain look and feel. There were absolutely no earth tones allowed in his scenes.


After extensive auditioning, why wasn't actor Larry Wilcox cast for the part of Sonny?

Wilcox was already famous for his cop character in "CHiPs," and producers didn't want his familiar face contaminating the look and feel of "Miami Vice."


For how many seasons did the show air on television?

The show had a five-year run featuring 112 episodes.


In what year did the first episode air?

The show started in 1984 and wrapped up in 1989. A feature film based on the concept was released in 2006.


What is Ricardo's nickname?

Ricardo is Rico, a former New York City police officer who transfers to Miami.


Why did Sonny Crockett rarely wear socks?

Don Johnson essentially said it was too hot to wear socks during shooting, and the sock-less look eventually became associated with his character.


Which band had its music featured in the very first episode?

"Miss You," by The Rolling Stones, was one of the first of many famous songs to appear during this music-saturated show. Also in the first episode -- Cindi Lauper, Bette Midler and Phil Collins.


Which major network broadcasted the show?

In spite of (or perhaps because of) the show's regular violence, the show became a hit on NBC.


Who did NOT make a guest appearance on the show?

Jones may not have made the list, but dozens of famous actors and musicians appeared on the show, making "Miami Vice" a veritable cornucopia of musical genius.


Which Emmy award did the show win in 1985?

Don Johnson took home the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in 1985.


Who gets credit for creating the show?

Anthony Yerkovich was the show's creator. He was also executive producer for the first six episodes.


What was the show's highest ranking?

In the show's second season, it cracked the Top 10 rankings at No. 9. After that, the ratings were all downhill.


What was the original name of the show's two-hour pilot episode?

The show's original name was "Gold Coast," but it was eventually changed to the catchier and more specific "Miami Vice."


Which actor was NOT approached to play the part of Sonny Crockett?

Producers liked the idea of both Nolte and Bridges playing the part of Sonny. Eventually Don Johnson and his trademark swagger won out.


What nickname did Miami have in 1984, the year the show debuted?

The cocaine drug wars were in full swing in 1984, leaving a trail of bodies across the city, nicknamed "Murder Capital."


How did the tone of the show change as it aged?

The light-hearted first season eventually evolved into a darker, grittier show that examined the seedy underbelly of wealthy Miami.


In total, for how many Emmy Awards was the show nominated in 1985?

It won only four of those Emmys, but the nominations were a sign of the show's quality, as well as its impact on popular culture.


What role did Jan Hammer have in the making of the series?

Hammer was the electronic music genius behind the theme song. In 1985 he won a Grammy Award for his efforts.


What position on the Billboard charts did the "Miami Vice" theme manage to attain?

Not only did the theme song hit No. 1, the entire soundtrack album was a hit, staying in the top spot for weeks.


About how much money was budget for music rights for each episode?

With $10,000, the producers were able to include popular songs from well-known or up-and-coming acts. The show helped to reinvigorate or boost the sales of many musicians.


Sonny Crockett drove what sort of car?

Crockett became inextricably linked to the Ferrari. In the first season, the Ferrari was actually a modified Corvette, a fact that started a lawsuit.


What happened at the conclusion of the Ferrari lawsuit?

As a token of goodwill (and good marketing), Ferrari donated two brand-new cars, which were then used in many episodes, giving the manufacturer a chance to show off genuine products.


What was the "Miami Device"?

Sonny's constant beard stubble inspired a fashion trend, and manufacturer Wahl introduced the "Miami Device" to help copycats keep their stubble at an even length.


Which season was the first to be broadcast in stereo sound?

The second season was all in stereo. "Miami Vice" was actually one of the first shows ever to use stereo sound.


Why did Don Johnson threaten to leave the show after the second season?

Eventually the studio agreed to pay Johnson more money, but they nearly replaced him with Mark Harmon of "NCIS" fame.


What was the show's final rating after the last episode aired?

The ratings dropped to 61, but more than anything, the cast and crew felt as though the story had run its course.


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