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He's no ordinary mouse -- he's Mickey Mouse, the most famous mouse in the history of human civilization. His big round ears and funny voice make him instantly recognizable. How much do you know about Disney's squeaky character?

Mickey Mouse is the official cartoon mascot of which company?

Mickey is the official mascot of The Walt Disney Company. He's been around since 1928.


Mickey typically wears shorts. What color are those shorts?

Mickey almost always wears red shorts. He also consistently dons yellow shoes and white gloves.


Mickey first appeared in which medium?

He went straight to film. Mickey first appeared in an animated film and went to saturate all manner of entertainment, from comic strips to big-screen movies.


Is Mickey married to Minnie Mouse?

Mickey and Minnie are a thing, of course. In 1933, Walt Disney himself explained that Mickey and Minnie are married in private life, but not onscreen.


When he was first created, what was Mickey's personality like?

In the early days, Mickey was a troublemaker with an antihero persona. He evolved into a more regular personality that was more palatable to the masses.


When the famous mouse was first created, what name did Disney intend?

Disney's first name for their mouse was Mortimer. Fortunately for everyone, they decided that Mortimer wasn't quite right.


Which Mickey voice actor married a Minnie voice actor?

The iconic mouse has been around for nearly a century. In that time, several men have supplied the voice. Wayne Anthony Allwine first voiced Mickey in 1983, and he married Russi Taylor, who first voiced Minnie in 1986.


True or false: Walt Disney was the first voice actor to work as Mickey.

It's true, the head of the company was the first to give a voice to Mickey Mouse. Disney worked as Mickey for more than two decades.


Why does Mickey always wear white gloves?

Mickey has a black body, so if his hands were black, too, they'd be hard to see. The gloves are there for visual contrast.


Mickey loves animals. What sort of pet does he have?

Mickey has a pet dog named Pluto. He's a big goofy yellow dog, and, unlike so many Disney characters, he doesn't speak (at least, not in his current incarnation).


True or false: "Steamboat Willie" was the first film to star Mickey Mouse.

There were two previous short films - "Plane Crazy" and "The Gallopin' Gaucho" - featuring Mickey. But they weren't released until "Steamboat Wilie" showed that Mickey had potential.


What was special about "Steamboat Willie," the cartoon that catapulted Mickey to everlasting fame?

In 1928, "Steamboat Willie" became the official debut of Mickey. It was the first Disney cartoon to feature synchronized sound, a monumental achievement at the time.


Why was a Mickey cartoon banned in Germany in 1929?

The cartoon poked fun at Germans by displaying cats in German army helmets. The Germans decided it was an insult to their national pride.


Mickey was essentially created as a replacement for which character?

Walt Disney created Mickey as a replacement for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. His firm had worked heavily on Oswald, but the rabbit was owned by the bigger and more powerful Universal Studios.


In "Fantasia," Mickey is whose apprentice?

In "Fantasia," Mickey plays the mischievous and lazy apprentice to a sorcerer named Yen Sid. Reverse the order of the letters in the sorcerer's name for a fun surprise!


In his first-ever scene with spoken words, what is Mickey doing?

Yes, that's right -- the world-famous mouse got his start selling hot dogs onscreen. His first words were simply, "hot dogs!"


Mickey has appeared in more than 100 short films. How many Academy Awards has he won?

The ubiquitous mouse appeared in 10 short films nominated for Academy Awards. Just one, "Lend a Paw," managed to bring home an Oscar.


Why does Mickey have only four fingers?

Walt Disney said that five fingers were just too many for a little mouse. Apparently, leaving out a finger also reduced the time and effort need to create Mickey's films, thus, saving the studio money in the long run.


Why did writers struggle to create storylines in the mid-1930s?

In the mid-1930s, Mickey was evolving into a good-natured role model of sorts. In some aspects, this was a good thing, but his transformation made it harder for writers to create Mickey's stories.


True or false: Mickey's ears have always been perfect circles.

His iconic ears have always been perfectly round circles. And, in at least one episode, those ears faced straight forward even when Mickey's body turned.


In 1935, Mickey appeared in a film titled "The Band Concert." What was special about this film?

"The Band Concert" was Mickey's first color film. In the film, Mickey is a band director guiding a performance at a local park when a major disruption takes place.


Mickey is the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. What year did he get his star?

In 1978, on the famous mouse's 50th birthday, Mickey got his star. He was the first-ever cartoon character to be honored on the iconic sidewalk.


What was the name of Mickey's first feature-length film?

Mickey's first feature-length film was 1940's "Fantasia." Although it struggled to make money (in large part due to WWII), the film is regarded as a true Disney classic.


True or false: Marcus Mouse is Mickey's father.

Marcus isn't Mickey's dad -- he's actually Minnie's father. Mickey's parents don't exist in the Disney universe.


Mickey's popularity had a huge boost in the 1950s. Why?

In the 1950s, TVs proliferated throughout the world and Mickey was featured in a popular television program. He became a star all over again.


Why did Walt Disney stop voicing the character in the late 1940s?

Disney's company was becoming a worldwide force and he didn't have the time to voice Mickey. Jimmy MacDonald immediately took over Disney's voice duties.


The first Disney stock featured whose likenesses?

Disney stock debuted on the New York Stock Exchange in 1957, at $13.88 per share. The certificates featured Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.


In what year was "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas" released?

"Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas," was released in 2004, direct to video. It's the sequel to 1999's "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas."


True or false: Mickey has been around for the better part of a century, so he's part of the public domain.

No way -- Disney would never let their most valuable character fall into the public domain. He is both copyrighted and trademarked, and Disney will never loosen their grasp on his big ears.


What's the name of Mickey's most recent TV series?

His most recent series is "Mickey and the Roadster Racers." In the show, Mickey and his buddies spend their time racing at fun places all over the world.


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