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If you love the minimalistic aesthetic of mid-century modern design and feel like giving your home an overhaul, you need to know the ins and outs of the style. Test your knowledge of mid-century modern design trends to see if you know your stuff.

The most popular wall color for that sleek, toned down mid-century modern design living room is:

Neutral colors in whites and off-whites set the clean, untrammeled palette of the era.


When it comes to furniture, shape means everything for those trying their hand at this design. The most popular shape for coffee tables is:

Mid-century means using geometric shapes to enhance a room, but without the edge. So a triangular coffee-table without the edges or one in the shape of an oval would reflect the periods style well.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, but which shows this design style best of all?

A sure-fire way to bring mid-century modern design into your living room, hallway or bedroom is to add a sunburst mirror. They're fun and can be found at antiques markets and garage sales around the country.


What years does mid-century modern design embody?

It encapsulates mid-1940s to mid-1960s and the term was coined by Cara Greenberg in 1983 when she published a book on the development of design and architecture of this era.


Which of these designers were not influential on mid-century modern design?

Henry Miller, Ray and Charles Eames, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe were all extremely influential on mid-century modern design. Julia Morgan, while definitely an important female architect, wasn't significant to the mid-century modern design movement.


Design materials were very important in reflecting the ethos of the style. Which of these materials were not popular in mid-century modern design?

Ivory wasn't commonly used in mid-century modern design, but materials like plastic, glass and plexiglass were prominent in furniture and home designs.


If eyes are the windows to a person's souls, then a house's window must be the soul of the structure, or at least it seems so according to designers of the era. What would be the best way to dress your window according to mid-century modern design?

Bare was best when it came to dressing windows in this era. The idea was to blur the division between outdoors and indoors.


The name Eames is synonymous with mid-century modern design. What piece of furniture are the Eames famous for?

The Eames Lounge Chair was released in 1956 and made of plywood and leather. It is now a collectors item and can be seen in the permanent collection at New York's Museum of Modern Art.


Keeping rooms open and airy was one of the signatures of mid-century modern design. But if you wanted to create a semi-partition between rooms, this may be a good choice.

A shell curtain can seem classic or kitschy depending on where its used and the type of shells. But, a white Capiz shell curtain can be a funky, elegant and subtle way to divide rooms without blocking them off entirely.


Mid-century modern design sometimes goes by another name linked to a state where the design what very popular. What state is it?

People across California, but especially those in Los Angeles and San Francisco, embraced the style so enthusiastically it also came to be known as "California Modern."


Is a chandelier a signature light fixture of the period?

Form and function were equally important for mid-century modern design so many designers chose more practical and industrial looking light fixtures, such as stem lamps and glowing globes on pendants.


Which one of these floor styles does not reflect mid-century modern design?

Esthetically clean and easy to maintain were the mantras for mid-century modern flooring and so tile would have been slightly out of that range.


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