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This challenging quiz about Tolkien's Dwarves delves deeper than Gimli, farther than Thorin Oakenshield, into the very depths of Moria to uncover the Dwarves' secret origins and long history in Middle-earth.

Who created the Dwarves?

We gave you a hint to start off with the title of this quiz — Aulë the Smith, one of the Valar (sort of like Greek gods) of Middle-earth created the Dwarves.


How many Dwarves did Aulë initially create?

He made seven Fathers of the Dwarves. Each of them was the progenitor of a different Dwarf clan. Apparently Aulë made each of them a wife immediately after the Fathers were created, since each of them had a wife with him when he first awoke (except, possibly, one who awoke alone).


The seven Fathers of the Dwarves awoke in pairs, so their clans were strongly connected afterward, except one. Which of the Fathers awoke alone, and thus settled his clan far from other Dwarves?

Durin awoke alone (and possibly without even a wife) in Mount Gundabad in the north. He settled the area most commonly known in later years as the Mines of Moria.


What do Dwarves call themselves in their own language?

The Dwarves refer to themselves as Khazâd.


What was the name of the kingdom Durin carved out of the Misty Mountains before it was called Moria (which is an Elven word meaning "Black Pit")?

Khazad-dûm translates as "Dwarves' mansion." The Elves began calling it Moria, a name the Dwarves weren't terribly fond of when they still lived there.


Many Dwarves from the other six clans came to live in Khazad-dûm after what event in Middle-earth's First Age?

In the War of Wrath, Elves, Dwarves and Men backed by the Valar defeated the forces of Morgoth, but Middle-earth was wracked by tremendous destruction. Many of the Dwarven cities were destroyed, and their refugees eventually came to live in Khazad-dûm.


How many Rings of Power did Sauron give to the Dwarves?

Each of the Dwarven kings (one for each clan) was given a Ring of Power.


Why did Sauron eventually try to reclaim the rings from the Dwarves?

Sauron's intention was to use the One Ring to control the races of Middle-earth via their Rings of Power, but the Dwarves were strangely unaffected by theirs, having been "made…most steadfastly to resist any domination."


What affect <i>did</i> the Rings have on the Dwarven kings?

"The only power over them that the Rings wielded was to inflame their hearts with a greed of gold and precious things."


What is the name of the extremely rare metal the Dwarves were renowned for mining and crafting weapons, armor and jewelry out of?

The only known source of mithril was beneath the Misty Mountains.


Their greed caused the Dwarves in Khazad-dûm to dig deeper and deeper in search of mithril. Under Durin VI, they awakened something with their deepest delvings. What was it?

A Balrog had slumbered deep beneath the mountain since Morgoth's defeat at the end of the First Age. It killed Durin VI and his son and drove all the Dwarves out of Khazad-dûm and was known as Durin's Bane afterward.


When Thrór returned to Khazad-dûm to reclaim it in his later years, the great orc Azog beheaded him. What did Azog carve into Thrór's forehead?

Azog carved "Azog" on Thrór's forehead.


Why did the Dwarves under Thráin leave Erebor?

Erebor, also known as the Lonely Mountain, was taken by Smaug.


Thráin gathered an army of Dwarves and defeated Azog and the orcs at the Battle of Azanulbizar. However, they were unable to reclaim Khazad-dûm. Why?

After the battle, Thráin's cousin Dáin told him, "I have looked through the shadow of the Gate. Beyond the shadow it waits for you still: Durin's Bane. The world must change and some other power than ours must come before Durin's Folk walk again in Moria."


What is the name of Thráin's son, who eventually leads a quest to destroy Smaug and reclaim Erebor?

Thorin Oakenshield, with help from the wizard Gandalf and the Hobbit Bilbo Baggins, reclaims Erebor after Smaug is slain by a Man named Bard.


What was notable about the Dwarf named Dís?

Dís was the only female Dwarf Tolkien named — she was the mother of Fíli and Kíli.


What proportion of the Dwarven population is made up of women?

Only a third of Dwarves were women, and only some smaller proportion of those ever married and bore children, so the Dwarven population was prone to decline in periods of war or strife.


Who carries the mortally wounded Thorin off of the battlefield at the Battle of Five Armies?

Beorn arrives and carries the injured Thorin in one paw. Then he returns to the battle and kills tons of orcs, including Bolg, son of Azog.


Where did the Dwarves who come to aid Thorin at Erabor and fight in the Battle of Five Armies come from?

Thorin's cousin, Dáin Ironfoot, leads Dwarves of the Iron Hills to Thorin's aid.


Why wasn't Gimli part of Thorin's group of Dwarves on the Quest of Erebor?

Gimlui was only 62 at the time, far too young to go off fighting dragons.


What does Gimli request from Galadriel when the Fellowship is leaving Lothlórien?

He asks for a strand of her hair, and she gives him three.


Gimli participates in three of the major battles of the War of the Ring: the Battle of the Hornburg, the Battle of the Morannon and…

The first battle of Gimli's campaign is at the Hornburg, at Helm's Deep. The third is outside the gates of Mordor (the Morannon). In between is the Battle of the Pelennor Fields outside of Minas Tirith.


Who did Gimli go on many journeys with after the War of Ring was over?

The friendship between Gimli and Legolas helped reforge the bond between Dwarves and Elves that had existed in the First and Second Ages.


Where did Gimli go, eventually, when he was very old?

Gimli and Legolas sailed to Valinor (a sort of Elf Heaven) together — no other Dwarf was ever permitted to make that journey.


What is iglishmêk?

Dwarves used iglishmêk to communicate silently among themselves.


What is the term for the Dwarves' own spoken language?

The Dwarves were somewhat secretive about Khuzdul, only speaking it among themselves and using the other races' languages when speaking to others.


What was the Nauglamir?

Nauglamir translates as "the necklace of the Dwarves."


After Beren stole one of the Silmaril from Morgoth's Iron Crown, the Elf king Thingol had the Dwarves of Nogrod place it in the Nauglamir. What did the Dwarves do when they decided they wanted the necklace and the Silmaril for themselves?

The killing of Thingol led to a series of reprisals and outright war between Dwarves and Elves, unmaking the bonds that had previously existed between the two races. This enmity persisted until Gimli and Legolas helped repair the friendship between Dwarves and Elves in the Third Age.


After he became Lord of the Glittering Caves, Gimli had Dwarven smiths craft what out of mithril?

Gimli and his Dwarven smiths created massive gates for Minas Tirith from an alloy of mithril and steel (the original gates had been destroyed in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields).


What were the Petty-dwarves?

The Petty-dwarves were exiles that became almost a separate race over time. The first Elves who encountered them thought they were animals.


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