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Earth's rockiest and snowiest points have inspired awe and fear for thousands of years. How much do you know about our planet's mightiest mountains?

What are the Seven Summits?

In 1985, Richard Bass became the first climber to summit all seven of them.


From a mountaineering perspective, which huge mountain is least challenging to summit?

On a good day you don't even need ropes (take a coat, though).


From its very bottom to its peak, where is Earth's tallest mountain?

Mauna Kea extends nearly 20,000 feet below sea level, making it the tallest mountain.


How much taller than Mt. Everest is Mauna Kea?

If you put the two side by side, Manua Kea would dwarf Everest.


Scientists believe that Mauna Kea is about how tall?

You would need some nifty scuba gear to climb the submerged slopes, though.


At what height does the tree line generally end on the slopes of tall mountains?

That's also about the maximum altitude for most human activity.


How many of Earth's mountains have peaks that are at least 23,000 feet above sea level?

That number includes only those with distinctive peaks and not those clustered together with others.


Of the nearly 109 peaks topping 23,000 feet, how many of them are in Asia?

When it comes to gargantuan mountains, Asia wins, hands down.


How do Earth's tallest mountain ranges form?

If the Himalayas were a car wreck, they'd be a 5,000-car pileup.


What is the highest free-standing mountain on Earth?

It's also the tallest mountain on the African continent.


The mountain called Godwin Austen is also known as what?

K2 is sometimes called the Savage Mountain because it is so difficult to climb.


About how many people attempt to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro each year?

Nearly 70% of attempts are successful; its slopes are not as arduous as others on Earth.


Denali was formerly known as what?

Denali means "The Great One" in a local native language.


How was Mt. McKinley first named, anyway?

It was because a presidential nominee named McKinley openly supported the gold standard.


Which immense mountain is a dormant volcano?

Both of its summits top 18,000 feet, making it the tallest mountain in Europe and Russia.


Which mountain has never once been climbed during winter?

In one infamous incident, 11 climbers perished during a single mission; several others survived or were rescued.


Geologists classify a feature as a mountain once it exceeds what height?

But those little mountains are dwarfed by the real monsters.


The name of which mountain may mean "Sentinel of Stone?"

At nearly 23,000 feet high, it is the tallest mountain in the Western and Southern Hemispheres.


Gasherbrum I is also known as what?

It is the 11th highest in the world and the "hidden" part of its moniker refers to its remoteness.


The Great Trigonometrial Survey of India recorded the first heights of which mountains?

Starting in 1802, it took nearly 70 years to complete the sprawling project.


How tall is Puncak Jaya, located in Indonesia?

It is the tallest island-based peak on the planet.


Which mountain's name means "White Peak of the Three Spiritual Brothers?"

It is the tallest mountain in Bhutan.


The Snowy Mountains are home to which significant peak?

It's only about 7,300 feet tall but it's the tallest in Australia.


Mt. Vinson is the tallest mountain on which continent?

It is a little over 700 miles from the South Pole


Gangkhar Puensum has which significant distinction?

At least four expeditions have failed and there's no record of a successful summit.


What happened to the first team that tried to summit Gangkhar Puensum?

Back in the 1920s, maps of the area left much to be desired.


In 1958, how was enormous Mt. Vinson discovered?

It was named for a Georgia congressman who encouraged exploration of the continent.


Chomolungma is the Tibetan name for which mountain?

The Nepalese call it Sagarmatha.


An enterprising team took a Land Rover to the summit of which mountain?

They drove the vehicle much of the way but then needed a pulley system to raise it to the top.


How many people died attempting to ascent Annapurna I in October 2014?

It was Nepal's deadliest mountaineering incident.


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